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Friday, June 24th, 2011

Platypus in danger due to climate change.

It seems that the amazing Duck Billed Platypus may become endangered in its native Australia. The Platypus likes the cool rivers and streams in which it lives but temperature rises in Australia could cause problems for the animal. This strange creature caused problems for naturalists when it was discovered as they didn’t know how to classify it. It has the bill of a duck, reptilian movements but the furry body of a mammal plus it lays eggs. Some people thought it may even have been a hoax when it was first discovered.

The research is important for three reasons. First it highlights the potential problem for the platypus of climate change. Secondly it shows that climate change can have implications not only for land living animals but also for water based animals as the rivers and streams heat up. Thirdly, it highlights how climate change can have an impact on many creatures including the Platypus.

It is the Platypus’ insulating fur coat that allows it to survive in zero degree temperatures that may be its downfall as temperatures rise. The only place for the Platypus to cool off is in its burrow but it can’t feed there so has to be able to go into the water to survive.

The rising temperatures will probably make the Platypus’ move location to find deeper cooler streams in which they can thrive. If the trend continues it may be that they will end up congregating in areas such as Tasmania, King Island and Kangaroo Island where the temperatures are cooler.

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Recycled flash drives

We here at Mikkis have an extensive range of recycled flash drives. The range includes wooden and bamboo drives some with built in key rings. Other recycled drives are made of paper or aluminium and they all come in a variety of designs and memory sizes of course.


An unusual recycled USB is the USB wristband a convenient and snappy products popular with the younger generation. We also have our most popular models in a recycled version such as the Pod, Wedge, Twist Drive and Card USB.


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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

War Horse wins 5 Tony Awards in the US

War Horse wins 5 Tony Awards in the US


The UK export play War Horse has scooped 5 Tony awards in the US including Best Play. War Horse opened at the National Theatre then moved to the West End and then went on to Broadway. The play, based on a 1982 novel, tells the story of a horse in the carnage of World War 1. The play also won design awards for scenery, lighting and sound and has been made into a film by Steven Spielberg.

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

House Prices Fall slightly in the year to April

UK house prices have not yet recovered it seems as the national survey of house prices suggests that prices actually fell in April by 1.1%. This makes the whole year trend a drop of 0.3% on last year. A survey of chartered surveyors suggests that people are still being put off by the economic climate and continued mortgage rationing.

Although mortgage borrowing actually rose in April the Council of Mortgage Lenders said that this was not the likely trend for the year.

The surveys published this year all seem to show a slight downward trend in house prices, as well as a widespread variation in house prices throughout the UK.

A RICs spokesman said that interest in buying property has remained flat throughout the year due to both the economic climate and the lack of mortgage funds.

It seems that house prices in England remained the same whereas in London they grew by 3.6%. Northern Ireland saw a drop of 15.2% as did Scotland 1.2 % and Wales 1.4%.

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Images of the Brain and Consciousness

Doctors have finally been able to obtain an image of the brain as it slips into unconsciousness. The image shows the brain’s waxing and waning of electrical activity that occurs when the brain slips from consciousness into the unconscious state.

It seems that different parts of the brain are talking to each other as consciousness slips away. It is hoped that the work will ultimately help doctors to pinpoint damage caused by stroke and head injury. The findings support a theory put forward by Dr Susan Greenfield of the University of Oxford that different parts of the brain inhibit each other as consciousness wanes.

The new technique called Functional Electrical Impedance Tomography by Evoked Response (fEITER) is a more compact process that fMRI, which can be easily used in the operating theatre. It works by sending low electrical impulses through the skull by way of tens of electrodes and the signals are interrupted by the brain’s own electrical signals and tissue.

It is hoped that this technique will be able to tell much about patients with stroke or head injury as well as tell us much about consciousness itself.

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Monday, June 13th, 2011

Why are chocolate bars getting smaller?

Why are chocolate bars getting smaller?


Have you noticed that chocolate bars these days appear to be shrinking? It’s not just a memory failure as we get older I’m sure, they actually are shrinking. In fact Dairy Milk have reduced their 140g bar of Dairy Milk to 120g, the equivalent of losing two chunks. The reductions seem to be due to the ever increasing prices manufacturers face in getting their products to the shelves. Many products have been slashed in size whilst their prices have remained the same. PZ Cussons have reduced the size of their Imperial Leather soap bar from 125g to 100g because of the increase in the price of palm oil.

Toblerone have reduced the size of their bar by one triangle to ensure that shops like Poundland could continue selling it for one pound. It is interesting that the manufacturers have decided to reduce sizes rather than increase prices and this is due to the fact that customers resist price rises more than size reductions. If the prices of a chocolate bar increases the customer might think twice about whether to buy it.

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Monday, June 13th, 2011

The new ipad 2

The new ipad 2 is now 33% thinner and 15% lighter. It makes surfing the web and emailing your friends so much easier than ever before. The new ipad 2 had two powerful cores in one A5 chip meaning it can do twice the work at once. Doing multiple tasks is now faster and smoother than before. Graphics are now up to 9 times faster making game play and photo viewing even faster.

It has the same amazing 10 hour battery life as before even though so many aspects have been improved upon. There are now two cameras on the ipad 2 for face time video calling. The new smart cover for the ipad 2 means that when you take the cover off the ipad 2 wakes up instantly and accordingly when you put the cover on it automatically goes to sleep. The cover is available in a wide variety of colours. It has a 9.7inch backlit display which makes viewing super easy.

With Multi-touch on the ipad 2 everything is at your finger tips. The sensitive system converts your every touch, swipe or press into appropriate actions for your application.

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Monday, June 13th, 2011

Taransay up for sale.

The tiny island of Taransay off the Western Isles has sold for an undisclosed sum. Ben Fogle who lived on the island for some time as part of the BBC series Castaway, was known to be leading a bid to buy the item with a consortiu. However, it seems he was unsuccessful as the island has been bought by a local landowner who also has land in Harris. The agents say that the new owner will be safe hands for the beautiful and remote island.


The asking price for the island was £2 million and above. The new owner is someone closely associated with the area who will endeavour to preserve the current management provision for the island.  The island already offers sea as well as trout fishing, deer stalking and it also has a sheep farm.  In 300 AD the island was said to have been the home of Celtic Pagans and was also the site of many bloody battles most notable the Battle of Taransay in 1544  when the Morrisons of Lewis invaded.


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Monday, June 13th, 2011

Task Force Set Up to save the Royal Bengal Tigers

A task force has been set up in Bangladesh to save the Royal Bengal Tiger. The 300 strong task force will try to safeguard the 400 Royal Bengal Tigers that are left in the Sundarbans Forest region between India and Bangladesh. This move was prompted by the discovery of tiger skins and a large quantity of bones recently.

Officials admitted that they did not have the manpower to cope with the increasingly sophisticated techniques employed by the poachers. Money for the training and equipping of the task force will come from the World Bank Loan. The Task Force will also attempt to stop the illegal trafficking of animals which is a growing problem.

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