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Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Helping our elderly family & friends – Jar openers.

Winter is beginning to kick in and we need to think a little about what we can do to help our elderly friends, neighbours and family members. Problems like arthritis can be made worse by the cold weather and some older folk can’t afford the right amount of heating to keep warm. Everyday tasks like housework, shopping, getting dressed and even opening a jar can become much more difficult to accomplish.

 As a company it is important you target your promotional merchandising to the right clients and offer them something really useful that they will want to keep for a long time.

For the more elderly clients or those with a weaker grip a branded jar opener is the ideal gift. These jar openers come  hand shaped or rectangular and can be customised in full colour with your logo, message and company name. They look great and are really useful! How many times a week do we open a jar? On all of those occasions, your existing and potential clients could be reminded of your company and helped all at the same time!

Ladies often have to ask their husband to open a jar for them and sometimes a lid is on so firmly even the husband has to reach for the jar opener! If you want to know more about promotional jar openers,  see


Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Everyone needs a torch on these dark nights!

Only a month ago we were experiencing very mild weather and feeling lucky people. Amazingly the weather is still fairly mild for the time of year but the nights are dark so early. At 4.30pm it is is very dark and you need a streetlight or torch to safely see where you are going! Now is the perfect time of year to present your customer, staff or potential clients with a promotional item, it’s always nice to give or receive a gift during the Christmas period.

There is now a varied range of promotional torches available, in a range of shapes and sizes, ready for your companies branding! As well as the traditional shaped torches there are torches that are hidden inside a credit card type card; torches that also make a designer desk light,wind up branded torches or ones that can charge via your pc’s usb slot. Most have either bright LED or traditional torch bulbs.


It is always important to think about the lifespan of any promotional item or gadget you are going to give out. Torches aren’t seasonal or just for a specific occasion. It gets dark every day of the year! It is likely to be used more regularly in the winter months but it has potential to be year round, year after year, what super value for money and opportunities for repeat exposure, placing your company at the forefront of your customers thoughts!

To find out more about branded torches, go the premium portfolio section of  .



Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Mouse mats just got shinier but not slippier!

Mouse mats have been a promotional item for around 20 years! An item with real staying power. This means though that manufacturers have to find new and exciting things to do with them?! What more could possibly be done? We have had mouse mats with windows to add your own photo or promotion, mouse mats with calenders printed on or even stuck underneath, mouse mats in custom shapes to represent whats being sold.  Mouse mats printed in different styles to allow for the best presentation of the image and now mouse mats with an ultra glossy surface to give a brighter image and really attract attention. If a mouse mat could ever be described as gorgeous, these ones can! Don’t worry though, they still give the same great mouse performance as usual, the surface sure is glossy, but it isn’t slippery.

Great news though, coasters and some counter mats can also have the same, great new finish. Your company name and logo would look amazing under this glossy mouse mat surface and its not even any more money! Have a look at to see the whole mouse mat, counter mat and coaster range.


Thursday, December 1st, 2011

USB people – something new for the promotional gadget market

Promotional USB’s and Flash drives have long been around. They are a proven staple of any marketeers promotional plan. Although usb’s are not the cheapest type of promotional item, their longevity as an item, that can and will, be used for years to come makes them excellent value for money.   It’s great though, that every now and again, something new and exciting arrives. That new and exciting thing is – USB people. Very cool little people shaped promotional memory sticks. They can be metalic, plastic in a plain design or even in a work related design. Rubber heads are an option too – very tactile! Of course all these cute little men, (and women), can be branded with your company logo. A choice of memory sizes and downloads are also available. Just what the promotional marketing needed, fun novelty shaped usb’s that aren’t embaressing for any grown up, whatever their profession but are really eyecatching! We have no idea what the next big thing will be to follow the USB people but we will be sure to let you in on the secret, once we know!

At Mikkis we do an enormous range of promotional items including these little guys. why not check out the range at