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Friday, February 28th, 2014

Climate Change having major effects across the UK.

The Climate change and extreme weather conditions we are experiencing, are having a major impact across the UK. We have seen record levels of flooding, huge amounts of rainfall, warmer temperatures than expected, less or no icy extremes of cold, tidal surges and very high winds.

Some of the effects of these erratic weather conditions are:
– Areas that traditionally are prone to flooding have flooded for sustained periods, up to 2 months in extreme cases.
– The flooding has been more widespread than in a normal year.
– The levels of water in the ground has risen so properties even on a hill or higher ground,have flooded from water coming up through the floor.
– Some crops are likely to fail or have a reduced yield, because there have not been enough overnight frosts.
– Businesses have not been able to trade in flooded areas, causingĀ regional economic downturns.
– Insurance premiums will rise due to the unprecedented amount of claims. Some householders, may find their insurers will not offer flood protection, on their next years policy.
– The high winds have caused repeated issues in coastal areas and flooding / wave damage has been caused by the rougher seas. Sea defence repairs and enhancements have been another unexpected bill, for local authorities and Government.
– Livestock and horses have been affected by the flooding, there have been deaths, illness and infections spread, by the weather conditions. The demand for stabling and livestock barns have increased, the pressure on animal charities and welfare societies has grown hugely, again causing more economic and logistical issues for these agencies.
– The high winds have caused repeated damage to fencing and garden buildingsĀ all over the country, causing householders to repeatedly make costly repairs.

Whilst Government task forces and committees, decide the UK plan for dealing with climate change, local government will assess how to improve the defenses and emergency response for their area. Lets hope the weather calms down as the year progresses.

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