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Thursday, January 29th, 2015

The Importance of Branding

When you think of bread, what is the first name that comes to mind, – Hovis? How about ketchup, – Heinz? Chocolate, – Cadbury? Imagine that if every time someone thought of your product, your brand sprung to their minds.


Branded stress balls


When someone offers you a coke, would you like a Coca Cola Coke, or an Asda Price Cola? For many people the answer is Coca Cola – even when offered a choice between Coca Cola and Pepsi – why? Because clever branding has taught us, as a society, to believe Coca Cola is the best product, and that any else is just an imitation.


Branding is a tool that when used correctly can give you a monopoly of the market. Customers will even part with more money for the same product if it is from a brand they know and trust, or that is popular in the current market.


The key to creating a brand we can trust, is exposure – the more we see a logo, the more we trust the product, sometimes to a point that we don’t even realise it is marketing. For example Coca Cola’s use of a red Santa suit, rather than the green – simply because it complimented their brand – has caused the popularity of the red suit throughout the western world, even though they weren’t the first people to depict him in red.


Branding your products, gifts for your customers and even your office equipment can be the beginning of something huge for your company. Imagine if this Christmas you had sent branded mouse mats, stress balls or pens to all of your top clients – five days a week, 50 weeks a year, your clients would be looking at your name in the office, without realising that when someone asks for a recommendation of a particular product, your name will be the first that springs to mind.


Give us a call today to find out more about our branding services and how we can help more people know your brand.



Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

We Want to Hear your Rugby Stories

Rugby Stress Balls

It’s Friday night, you and the boys are jumping on the bus to the local stadium. You arrive with enough time to have a drink in a local pub, before braving the cold air and stepping out into the dark for tonight’s game.


You arrive at the stands, cold beer in one hand, a warm hot dog in the other. Trying to understand the commentators muffled voice through the lively crowd and the winter hat keeping your ears from frostbite. Your team are losing again, but every freezing second is worth the 90 minutes of pure British fun, too many beers and laughs with your fellow fans.


You shout at the ref, at the players too and scream about how your new born nephew could do a better job, but you will never stop supporting – the sign of a true British rugby fan.


At Mikki’s Promotional, we are huge rugby fans – following the season from beginning to end and braving all weathers to faithfully support our teams – come win or lose. We want to know who you are supporting, and why? As well as your favourite rugby match story – whether it be your first match, your most memorable win or simply the game with that created the most passion in the crowd.


Send us in your rugby stories, via email or social media, as we follow the season. Our favourite will be selected as the season draws to the end, and shared with our readers and social media fans to enjoy.


In the meantime, why not explore our collection of rugby themed stress balls – perfect for taking out your frustration, discretely, on the bus on the way home! – Or for throwing at the TV, without causing any damage when you watch at home!

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Monday, January 5th, 2015

Keeping your Staff Happy

Happy staff makes for a happy office, and a happy office makes for a happy company.


When running your own company, it can be difficult to look past your own stresses, both business and personal, let alone to think of your staff, no matter how much or how little contact you have with them.


Mental health and stress related illnesses have higher numbers in the UK than in the majority of Europe and for many people it can be prevented before it starts with a few simple changes.

Keeping Staff Happy

Many people have stress in their home life, before they even come in to work – and whilst it isn’t your responsibility as an employer, it can really help your company to try to eliminate the chances of having stresses at work. The less stress someone has when they walk into an office, the quicker they can clear their mind and begin work for the day – and the less likely they will be to become distracted, trying to decrease their stress levels throughout the day.


Adapting your office to become less stressful can have an immeasurable impact on your company and how it runs, as well as how committed your staff are to a company who helped them so greatly. A couple of very minimal changes can make all the difference.


Buy New Kitchen Appliances


Everyone loves delicious coffee, no one enjoys paying £3 a day in Starbucks for one. Keep your staff happy (and stop them turning up late to the office) with a coffee machine that is actually worth investing in. Starting the day with a delicious coffee will not only increase the immediate production, the endorphins released will help keep your staff happier.


Invest in a blender and provide fresh fruit and vegetables. Soft drinks such as Cola or Sprite can have a negative impact on the brain and result in chemical imbalances. The artificial sugars and flavours can have an immediate positive effect on endorphins and production, however the sugar crash that comes after put the drinker in a worse position than before the drink – over use of the product can even cause long term health problems.


Leave recipes and provide products such as chia or kale to help encourage a healthier and happier brain for your staff – keeping the staff healthy will also lessen the chances of them becoming sick throughout the year!


Offer a Wellbeing Coach or Gym Membership


Wellbeing coaches can be a costly investment, however the impact on your company can be immeasurable. If providing a wellbeing coach is out of your budget let your staff know you can offer discounts or help if they decide to go for some form of counselling off their own backs. This could help encourage those who need it to opt for it, knowing it won’t cost the earth.


Exercising is probably the best de-stressing tool. The natural endorphins released when a person exercises are both stronger and last longer than those in vices, such as chocolate or red wine. Offering a gym membership for your staff will help keep them both happy and healthy. If it is outside of your budget, why not create an office football or rugby team, where once a week the team can work out together – it will also strengthen your team.


Create a Fun Office Environment


Google is often praised for being great employers, and many people believe it is down to how they run their offices. Things like ball ponds, slides, lounge areas and libraries can make huge difference to how your staff view their office and how comfortable they are.


If you are in a position to, create a “lounge area” where you can provide a TV, a bed or comfortable sofa, bean bags, books and music. This can give your staff an area to wind down, alone in the office – we all know that sometimes outside factors stop us from working and rather than staring at a screen becoming frustrated, it can be the perfect tool to get back on track.


Stress balls, soft toys, bright posters and music playing can all provide your staff with visual and physical pleasures to release stress and encourage happiness within your office. – The happier your staff are, the more they want to work!

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