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Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

How to Make the Most of Branding

It is somewhat true what they say – “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” – but what happens if you don’t know anyone?


In the age of social media some of us can be a little lost about the best ways to network and promote our brands.

Branded stress ball

If we network with other companies on Facebook they might see those photos from the last Christmas party, Twitter and your tweets will be lost in an endless cycle of the auto refreshing homepage and Linkedin would mean adding your CV and notifying your current employer that you are on a mission to start something new.


When building your own business it is essential to build your own brand, and to network that brand everywhere you go and with everything you do.


Letter head your emails, put your logo on every piece of paper that ever leaves your office and hand your business card to everyone you know – however those of you who are just starting businesses already know that that can be nowhere near enough when larger, global companies can afford to be on every bus, billboard and TV advert when they launch a new brand or product.


Whilst it is true that many of us are unable to compete with the big boys, it isn’t an unrealistic dream to build something great from something small – after all, Starbucks started as one coffee shop, Hovis as a bakers and once upon a time even McDonalds was just a lonely burger bar.


Just last week a three week old multimillion dollar company was handed over from a guy who started a company that sent envelopes of glitter to your enemies – proof that no matter what your business is, even in 2015 you can still create something new.


In 2015 everyone is online and in such a competitive market it can be hard to have a voice across the social media platforms and even harder to have someone remember your brand when you want them to.


Next time someone sends an enquiry to your company, send them a branded stress ball, mouse mat or even USB stick so that they remember you – even if they don’t use you this time. In an age when everyone is sending automatic thank you messages and generic, non-personal emails the action will make you stick out like a sore thumb – but for all the right reasons.


In fact, taking away from the online world could be the key to making your business stand out from all the rest in 2015. Whilst it is always essential to maintain an online presence and connect with as many people as you can online, (whether they be customers, clients or other business owners in the field – you can never have enough) it is essential to remember many people now overlook the other ways we can outreach and that personal touch could make all the difference.


Give us a call today, or visit our website to learn more about branded products you can use, to add that human feel to your thank you, whilst you network, build your brand and thank your loyal customers. The simple fact that your logo is on something in their home or office will make your brand pop straight to their mind if ever someone asks for a recommendation.




Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Curing your Office of SAD

It is that time of year again, the skies are grey, it is dark for longer than it is light, it is raining every day and the sun doesn’t look like it is returning any time soon.


One look into your office will show you how the weather outside is affecting your staff or colleagues, their wellbeing, general outlook and performance at work.


Studies have shown that the UK is a hotbed for SAD sufferers. SAD is a form of depression caused by changes in the weather and many people believe the link is between a lack of sunlight and how happy we feel.


So when living in the UK how do you keep your office upbeat and happy all year around?

Running Man Stress Ball



It’s never a bad time to give your office a lick of colour. Take everything out of your office one day and have your team help you choose and paint the office together, it can be a great teambuilding exercise as well as adding life and soul to an ordinarily white room with white tiles and bright lights.


Change the Lights


Whilst office lighting can be some of the brightest in the world, it can create an almost clinical feel in the room. Mix up the lights with yellows, day light bulbs and different coloured bulbs that can be used to create more natural, or more relaxing lighting in the room. Lowering the intensity of lightbulbs can have a positive effect on those who suffer with migraines, whilst coloured lights can be used to alter even the lowest of moods.



Have your staff bring in photos of their families, pictures of their favourite holiday destinations or even their favourite band posters – fill the room with positive images and memories so when work does get too much and you can no longer stare at the screen, your other option isn’t a plain white wall.


Invest in a Good Music System


Music can be a great tool in cheering up your team. There are certain songs we just can’t listen to without wanting to get up and dance with a huge smile on our faces. Choose a good playlist for the office that can be changed through the day, upbeat for the mornings, relaxing to get work done and upbeat again for the countdown to the end of the day.


Treat them to Coffee


Words cannot describe how nice it is to arrive at work to a delicious cup of frothy coffee instead of stirring some powered milk and powdered coffee into a mug with hot water. It is a small investment for most companies and can greatly increase both the productivity of your staff first thing in the morning, as well as letting them know you are thinking of them after their commute.


Buy Games


Some offices, such as Google, have been made famous around the world with their tales of nap rooms, game rooms, ball ponds and even giant play parks and many of the staff agree they are some of the best places in the world. Sometimes in a long meeting that is going nowhere or on a day with slow production you know your staff are simply struggling – next time, instead of powering through, take a break, make a cuppa and play a game of twister or buckaroo with your team to help break the ice, get everyone smiling and refresh them for tackling the board room once more.


However your office functions, it is essential to keep your staff happy and on form – they will recognise the efforts you have made and the de stressing tools will encourage them to work harder for your company and with a smile on their face – all year round. Visit our online site to see our full range of stress combating squeeze balls

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Marketing for Valentine’s Day: Matters of the Heart

Seasonal marketing is one of those things that almost every company should do, but how to do it is often a complete mystery.


If you’re in the business of chocolate or flowers, marketing for Valentine’s Day may be much more straight-forward. But what if you sell automotive parts or cleaning products? While these may not be the most romantic products out there, that doesn’t mean you should ignore this day or any other festive days on the calendar. If you do, you could miss out on some great business opportunities.


Recognising a holiday shows that a company cares about current events. It makes it look human and alive. It is also a great branding strategy.


Valentine’s Day is one of the days that are really hard to integrate because they seem to appeal to a very specific market, but with a little love, your brand can join in the fun as well.


Valentine's Day Marketing


Valentine’s Day is about love and friendship, and if you’re a business you really need to love your customers and form friendships with your vendors and partners. A simple e-mail flyer wishing everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day may be all you need. A little heart and a clever slogan and you’re good to go.


However, if you want to go the extra mile and create more impact, you can always send your partners or clients a little gift. Go for a branded item, or even a nice bottle of wine for your most important customers. Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to show customer appreciation, and this goes for every industry.


Social Media and February 14th also go together like fish and chips, so it’s good to embrace it and run with it. “Give your loved one the gift of petrol” is silly and sounds forced, but if you give people a call to action and ask them what they love or tell them why you love them, you might be in for something great.


If your company supports any social causes such as the environment or cancer research, then you can highlight your love for those as well. Valentine’s Day is about the people and things they like the most. Based on that there is plenty you can do, regardless of what industry you are in.


The right language is also very important. If you are a company that caters to computer experts then using an analogy based on their particular jargon such as “You are the HTML to my CSS” is going to fare better than something more generic.


Your audience should always be the barometer for what works and what doesn’t. They are the priority of any marketing campaign. If you don’t speak in their language, you’ll lose their attention.


While going with the flow of the day can be productive, going against it has its merits too. Counter programming can be significant, which is why films like Rambo and Die Hard have opened on Valentine’s Day; to great financial success.


People who are single or just not into the kind of romance the day dictates are a great market, and one that often goes untapped. If you feel that they may represent an audience you can appeal to, don’t miss your chance.


In the end, marketing for Valentine’s Day is less about the colour pink and candy hearts and more about creativity. Think outside the box while embracing the spirit of the day you’ll be on your way to a successful campaign.


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