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Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Creating a Customer Narrative with Promotional Products

Industries can be crowded and full of competition. Finding a way to stand out can be the most difficult part of your marketing strategy.


Narrative has become one of the best resources a company can use to keep their customers engaged. Telling a story is a great way to make your brand seem more human and interesting. If you allow customers to create experiences and their own stories around your brand and products, then you are already one step ahead.


In order to create a narrative for your company, the first step is to tell your story. When was your company founded? What are its key values? What challenges did you face during the first few years in business? Every business has an interesting background that must be made known so that people can connect with the product and understand the most basic principles of your business practices.


The other part of the process is giving your clients a chance to create a story with your brand. Promotional products are a good way to do this. In this day and age a business card loses its narrative value quickly. Perhaps your details will be added to a list of contacts, or people will look for you on social media but the card itself can be tossed in the rubbish bin. People know they can find your information online if they need it.

Promotional Product

A branded item usually has much more narrative potential. Not only will the client remember the trade show or business dinner where they received it, they will be reminded of your brand every time they see it.


They may even display a funny promotional stress ball on their desk and use it as an ice breaker with new clients, for example. The more creative you are with your giveaways, the more stories can be built around them, and the higher your engagement will be.


If in addition to a promotional product you also provide a great service or product, your customers can start generating thousands of stories around your brand; stories that are shared on social media or at the dinner table. Every time the narrative is shared and expanded upon, your customers will become more engaged and loyal to your brand.


Thursday, March 19th, 2015

The Psychology Behind Promotional Gifts

Our faces seem to light up when we hear the words “promotion”, “sale” and “free”. We all love special treatment and the pleasant surprise of being offered something we never expected.


This is why we tend to respond so positively to promotional gifts, if not by purchasing an item from the company then by developing a sense of gratitude or admiration for the brand. Promotional gifts are one of the oldest yet most effective form of advertising.


promotional item



You know how fans paint their faces in support for a football team during an important match? It is a sincere form of loyalty and admiration. The same can happen with your clients. By rewarding them with a simple gift or keepsake you can help them feel not only appreciated, but also as though they are part of something bigger and important. In return you can count on their faithfulness.


There are many adverts that use lines like “we will always be there” or “we are closer than you think”. With a promotional item you not only send this same message, but send your clients with a tangible memento of your company. You can in fact always be there with them.


Give them something that can be used everywhere and is more interesting than a simple notepad. It will prove that you are a modern company that is not intimidated by innovative ideas.


Stress balls are just one good idea for a promotional gift. They are fun and send the right message in the marketing world. Your clients will be able to keep them in the office or even in their homes, allowing them to keep your company in mind should they ever need your services.


Monday, March 9th, 2015

Using Stress Balls in Event Planning

A staff member found a broken pipe in one of the venue’s bathrooms, the truck that was meant to deliver decorations is stuck in traffic and there is a short circuit in the lighting. If any of these situations sound familiar to you, you may be working as an Event Manager. This profession can be quite stressful, as the circumstances can change within nanoseconds.


Even if everything else is falling apart, you can take heart knowing you have a great way to promote the brand you are working with throughout the event. Plan to offer a personalised stress ball to every person who visits your stand, and they will take the company logo with them wherever they go!


It is important to look for bright ideas and focus on creating the “wow” factor during events, and stress balls can be just the ticket.


Events are a good opportunity for companies to give away promotional products, but it’s the fun and useful things that get the most attention. Stress balls have the potential to create the longest lasting memories of the business.


You can choose something that has to do with your client’s brand- a lorry for a delivery company, for example- or go for something entirely different.  The idea is to give something that won’t end up in the bin or lying around the office collecting dust. Some companies even opt for a stress ball keychain to make sure the ball can be easily carried from place to place.


Browse our site for a fun shape to personalise with your company logo. This is a great way to create a bond with potential and existing clients.

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Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Using Promotional Items to Advertise Your Brand

The significance of logos and branding has been proven throughout the years. People who choose Cadbury chocolate when they crave sweets or browse British Airways ticket prices when planning a holiday have likely been exposed to successful marketing campaigns for these particular companies.


Promotional item

In such a competitive world every brand must make the effort to stand out and create a lasting connection with its customers.


Amidst the high tech media marketing solutions, using promotional items is still a tried and true advertising strategy. Companies race to find original, unique ideas to promote their products and services but simple items like stress balls can be amazingly effective.


They come in a seemingly endless number of shapes and colours and can be customised with your company logo. Whether you give them to clients in your office, hand them out at promotional events or send them in the post as a ‘thank you’, they create a lasting impression.


Once in the hands of your clients they also serve a purpose; they can help reduce stress levels and make people feel more relaxed.


If you plan to give away promotional items, make sure they are customised to appeal to your clients. As a brand, you will appear more professional and considerate.


Some industries may benefit from a promotional product that represents their products and services, whilst others may prefer to choose a ‘wildcard’ item to help create interest and draw attention to what they offer.


The item can then be printed with your company logo, website address, telephone number or a combination of these elements. Due to the relatively small printable area of most items it is important to choose your message carefully and make sure it has the impact you desire.


Focus on your target audience and what you believe they would like to receive, both in terms of the item itself and the message it portrays. For ideas, please feel free to contact our friendly staff.