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Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Promotional items to help the ageing population


A large portion of our commuity are older people, in fact  almost 17% of us are over 65 and this is an upward trend.  When that figure is compared to 17% of our population being under 15 and on a declining trend, you can see in a short time the population will be on average, much older. So why not pitch your promotional items to that very large and growing group of people. If you provide something usefuly, it will be kept a long time, reminding your clients and potential clients of your brand and products. This easy grip jar opener, helps solve an every day problem for millions of people, (not just the older ones)!


Stress balls are proven to keep your hands stronger and flexible for longer, if squeezed regularly every day. They are shaped, coloured and easily printable. We can do everyday items like tea towels, aprons and clothing too. Hand warmers are terrific as older people often suffer from poor circulation and get hold hands when the weather turn a little chilly, or during winter. Handwarmers can be re-used time and again.

There is a large range of bags available that can be branded and printed with details of your service and company logo. Shopping bags fold up small,  are eternally useful especially as most supermarkets now charge for carrier bags.

So when your planning your new marketing strategy, think about the  ageing population and what you could do, that helps them and promotes your company at the same time. If you want ideas or inspiration, look at or call us on 0800 731 0301.


Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

The economy is improving, business can start buying promotional items to grow their customer base.

If someone goes to an exhibition or event, they love to have “freebies” from the different companies and organisations that are at the event. In the last few years these branded promotional gifts have been on the decline due to negative economic factors and reduced cashflow. Happily the economy is looking healthier and continuing to get better and here at Mikkis we have seen companies now starting to spend more again on promotional gifts. Feedback tells us they have noticed the reduced new client numbers after an event and want to start growing again. Events are very expensive and it is important to make the most of them!

There is a vast range of promotional items out there too. It is wise to combine different types of marketing gifts as they have different product life cycles. For example, a pen or a pencil can be low cost and last a long time. A mouse mat that includes a calendar is very useful and will last a whole year. A sticker or badge is good for immediate promotion and brand recognition but has a shorter lifespan, they do instantly encourage people over to your exhibition stand though. However the very cost effective fridge magnet can last for years and be seen by all the family and visitors to the home. Bags that are branded could be used each time a shoppng trip happens. Executive gifts like leather document holders will last for years and although much more expensive, exude quality and will keep your brand alive much longer and do provide value for money.

If you want help with your promotions, we have many years experience and thousands of different products to choose from. Look on for inspiration.


Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Pinnochio Rex – new type of dinosaur discovered!

In China they found a skeleton, on a construction site,  that looked related to the Tyrannosaurus rex, it is 9 metres long and has a longer snout with a row of horns on top, making him look different to the other tyrannosaurs.

It was sent to Edinburgh University to be  identified by scientists. Dr Steve Brusatte said “this is the slam dunk we needed – the long-snouted tyrannosaurs were real”
The official name is Qianzhousaurus sinensis, the nickname Pinnochio rex was given because of the extra long nose!  The skeleton is 66 million years old. Pinnochio may have been faster and more stealthy than the other dinosaurs like him.

It is always really exciting to have new species of animal and dinosaurs identified. Under the surface of the earth there are probably still quite a few yet to be discovered. There are some amazing natural history museums around the UK, where we can see many different skeletons and learn about the creatures past and present. The London museum has 60 million life science specimens, many of these are exhibited. The specimens are flora, fauna, fossil, mineral, insects, dinosaur, human and animal.

If you want to own part of our natural history, there are fossil shops in coastal areas where fossils are prevalent, such as Lyme Regis in the centre of the Jurrasic Coast, in Dorset.
To promote your fossil shop, museum or Jurrasic coast tours, why not use promtional marketing gifts such as pens, mugs, fridge magnets, stress balls and bags. go to for inspiration.