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Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Tyres are now recycled into really useful promotional items!

We need not have mountains of used tyres anymore that take an age to biodegrade, we can recycle them into a host of useful items that can be branded too.

Mouse mat, coasters and pencil cases can actually all be made from recycled tyres! The old and worn-out tyre mountains are reducing! Imagine the amount of tyres discarded in the UK every day – now there is a great use for them; recycle them into useable, promotional gifts.

The mouse mat is functional, recycled, provides a great surface, is  good looking and could be made from the very tyre that caused you grief! They can be printed with your company, school, event or product logo and message to make them an environmentally responsible, giveaway. You can choose up to 4 colours, depending on your design to print, bright colours show up really well, against the black backgrounds.

 The recycled tyre products are available only in black, as obviously car tyres are black and to change the colour of the rubber, would involve processes that would not be environmentally friendly! The recycled tyre mats, coaster and pencil case, obviously have a super rubber finish that ensures extremely good grip, so they won’t slide around on your desk. The gorgeous pencil case comes with a range of colour coordinating zips to jazz them up, there is loads of room for all those stationary essentials.

Find out more about how you can promote your company using recycled products, by visiting


Friday, May 2nd, 2014

NFC mats, something new in the promotional market.

nfc-mats-group[1]NFC tags are tiny little microchips that can be built into coasters, bars runners, mouse mats and counter mats. When you put your phone close to the tag in the NFC mat it makes the “item” pop up on your screen. This “item” could be a phone number for a taxi company, a website for a paint supplier, a promotional code for a store or restaurant or anything else that would prove just a useful!

This tag makes the mat, coaster or runner interactive at a small cost. Imagine a taxi company creating some coasters or bar runners, your client has a few drinks, needs a taxi home and it’s so easy to hover their phone and press call, why would they find another number?

A company at an exhibition might use NFC tags in their mouse mat give aways, the prospecitive clients can then hover their phone and be taken straight to the website or given a discount code or incentive to buy a product in store.

Imagine a large DIY store that has counter mats full of product information. You could create a NFC taged counter mat, hosting several different tags to give different information about products such as paint or furniture dimensions, straight to the phone.

If you are a charity, the mat could advertise your charity and the NFC tag could take the phone owner straight to your donation page? How easy is that for the person to donate with limited effort?

The possibilities are endless with NFC tags. How could they benefit your club, organisation, charity or company?

To find out more, see or call 0800 731 0301.


Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Bar Runners

If you are the owner of a bar or pub, you are familiar with spills and the damage it can do to your bar over time. A great remedy for this is a bar runner. Adding your company name, logo or slogan to the runner will add the extra service of advertising!To find a variety of promotional bar runners, visit Here a small example of the bar runners that we offer:

• Standard bar runners
Premium bar runners
Beer mats
Drip mats
Budget bar runners are a popular choice obviously for the economical pricing. Even with their lower cost, the quality of these runners is extremely high. Your company name will look fantastic on this product.
Premium bar runners are made of the highest quality materials offering maximum liquid absorption. Printed with extraordinary colours, this runner can be found in world class pubs around the world.
Beer mats are probably the most common promotional item in a pub. Your company name and logo can be mass produced on these fibre board discs and offer a great way to advertise your establishment.
Drip mats are designed to soak up spills. These rubber drip mats are moulded from soft PVC and your company name or logo can be moulded right into the mat. This product is a customer favorite.

Finding the right promotional items for your pub can make all the difference while you are establishing repeat customers. Placing your logo around the bar accomplishes this and increase sales of your chosen products!

Bar Runners

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