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Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Increased rates of sick leave in the summer hit business hard.

The summer is a wonderful thing, we wait for it through the long winter months and it arrives, bringing colour, long nights, warmth and a general good feeling. However people want to be out in the sun and having fun while it lasts. This means that sickness rates rise in many business during the summer months, some staff take a day off “sick”, because its too nice a day and they want to do something other than work! This has a negative impact on production or service, sometimes mean a higher price for customers and adds extra cost and expense to the business too.

So business need to look at what they can do to attract their staff in during the summer and to help eliminate feigned sickness on a nice day. A summer themed competition or targets with prizes often works well because the office is buzzing, it’s fun and extra things can be won. Managers can use an extra half day holiday or a double lunch break as a bigger prize, making sure there are lots of smaller prizes as incentives to build up to these. Branded sweets, stress balls, mugs, pens, rulers, gift vouchers, swapping work with a manager for a day, are all good incentives to come to work and work hard while you  are there. There might even be a prize for 100%  attendance over the summer months.

If you like the idea of raising attendance and stamping out summer “sickies”, look at for inspiration.


Friday, June 13th, 2014

Promotional cooling products, perfect marketing idea for this hot summer!

promotional-drinksIt is very hot and very humid, it’s only 9am, early June and yes it’s the UK! We are not used to such hot weather, everyone is searching for a way to keep cool and look cool, whilst enjoying the fabulous weather.

Currently trending in the promotional world are cooling products; ice packs, drink coolers, promotional bottled water, mini branded cool bags and embroidered caps. Our clients are understanding that their clients are finding it hot! Summer themed promotional items get kept by their owner for years, in the cupboard over winter, then out again for the summer!

Especially during another summer of super sport, our can coolers will be really popular, each time a nice cold can is drunk, your brand gets noticed! We also do these in small bottle size and wine bottle size. Great for BBQ’s, picnics and outdoor events.

Mini branded coolers in a variety of styles, you know these will have repeated use and as they are “out and about” products, providing repeated exposure to new and potential clients. The ice packs are perfect for coolers or as a stand alone product!

These best way to stay healthy in the sun is to wear a hat and drink plenty of water, our promotional bottled water is perfect for any event and our caps will last for years, with your logo on!

If you are interested in any of the summer themed promotional items, call us on 0800 731 0301, or go to