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Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Football world Cup – everybody is going football theme crazy!

promotional-stress-ballsThe football world cup in Brazil starts in 28 days! The excitement is building and everyone is going football crazy! Lots of companies are looking at football themed promotional items to promote their company, club, charity, event or organisation. England are in group D with Uruguay, Costa Rica and Italy, a tough group but with grit, determination and skill England can do it! England are ranked 11th in the official FIFA rankings, our first match is against Italy on the 14th of June, Italy are ranked 9th, the four time winners will certainly put up a good fight and play well.

There is time to make your football themed order for promotional items still, with nearly a month to go but you will need to be quick, as products are in demand and production slots are being booked. The things that are available in football themes and can be printed with your logo or details are:

  • Football stress ball keyrings – your logo will be seen by many every day
  • Football shaped stress balls and football player stressball, a classic stress relieving product
  • Rulers with footballs themed printing
  • Football themed coasters showcasing your brand
  • Counter mats and mouse mats with your football themed print
  • Mugs that can reveal a football when hot liquid is put inside, your company brand will be visible all the time
  • Bar runners with a football design

Most things we create we can do with a footballs twist, why not make sure your company gets noticed amid the world cup excitement, call us on 0800 731 0301 or go to


Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Mouse mats just got shinier but not slippier!

Mouse mats have been a promotional item for around 20 years! An item with real staying power. This means though that manufacturers have to find new and exciting things to do with them?! What more could possibly be done? We have had mouse mats with windows to add your own photo or promotion, mouse mats with calenders printed on or even stuck underneath, mouse mats in custom shapes to represent whats being sold.  Mouse mats printed in different styles to allow for the best presentation of the image and now mouse mats with an ultra glossy surface to give a brighter image and really attract attention. If a mouse mat could ever be described as gorgeous, these ones can! Don’t worry though, they still give the same great mouse performance as usual, the surface sure is glossy, but it isn’t slippery.

Great news though, coasters and some counter mats can also have the same, great new finish. Your company name and logo would look amazing under this glossy mouse mat surface and its not even any more money! Have a look at to see the whole mouse mat, counter mat and coaster range.


Monday, June 13th, 2011

The new ipad 2

The new ipad 2 is now 33% thinner and 15% lighter. It makes surfing the web and emailing your friends so much easier than ever before. The new ipad 2 had two powerful cores in one A5 chip meaning it can do twice the work at once. Doing multiple tasks is now faster and smoother than before. Graphics are now up to 9 times faster making game play and photo viewing even faster.

It has the same amazing 10 hour battery life as before even though so many aspects have been improved upon. There are now two cameras on the ipad 2 for face time video calling. The new smart cover for the ipad 2 means that when you take the cover off the ipad 2 wakes up instantly and accordingly when you put the cover on it automatically goes to sleep. The cover is available in a wide variety of colours. It has a 9.7inch backlit display which makes viewing super easy.

With Multi-touch on the ipad 2 everything is at your finger tips. The sensitive system converts your every touch, swipe or press into appropriate actions for your application.

However, despite the ipad 2 being so popular and so impressive there is always going to be the need for desk top computers and the associated mice and mouse mats required for them. If you would like to purchase some mouse mats for your company why not consider having them branded and giving them away as corporate gifts or give-aways? We can help you because we here at Mikkis can supply any type of promotional mouse mats you may require. Just look at our web site for our complete range of mouse mats and other promotional items and gifts.


Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Promotional Floor Mats

Placing your company name or logo on everyday items is a great way to draw attention to your business. Cleverly placed advertising is crucial to the expansion of your company. The more exposure your branding has, the more likely it is that the image of your logo will stand out in consumer and client’s minds.

A great way to achieve this goal is to have promotional floor mats and carpet tiles created with your personalized branding. Turn ordinary floor space into prime advertising with options available at

Heavy duty floor mats can provide a stunning visual impact that lasts. Your company’s name or a picture of your latest project can be displayed in vibrant colours designed to draw the eye. These can be placed in entryways to your business or in front of your exhibition. Branded floor mats could be the key to swaying an undecided client in your direction. Great for any business.

Personalized carpet tiles are another great way to utilize unused space. You can choose to have many carpet tiles all displaying the same picture or you can have many tiles created to form one large display. Either way, you will be placing your company’s name or slogan on a vital focal point. Using carpet tiles to create a walkway up to your exhibition is a great way to attract more traffic. Displaying a large grouping of carpet tiles in the entrance to your company creates a visual display that a client won’t soon forget.

Personalized floor mats and carpet tiles can be printed with slogans or photos. All will be clear and bright and will provide your corporation with much needed advertising. Mats and carpet tiles can be customized to the sizes you need. This is a great opportunity to use advertising space which normally is wasted.

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