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Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Promotional items to help the ageing population


A large portion of our commuity are older people, in fact  almost 17% of us are over 65 and this is an upward trend.  When that figure is compared to 17% of our population being under 15 and on a declining trend, you can see in a short time the population will be on average, much older. So why not pitch your promotional items to that very large and growing group of people. If you provide something usefuly, it will be kept a long time, reminding your clients and potential clients of your brand and products. This easy grip jar opener, helps solve an every day problem for millions of people, (not just the older ones)!


Stress balls are proven to keep your hands stronger and flexible for longer, if squeezed regularly every day. They are shaped, coloured and easily printable. We can do everyday items like tea towels, aprons and clothing too. Hand warmers are terrific as older people often suffer from poor circulation and get hold hands when the weather turn a little chilly, or during winter. Handwarmers can be re-used time and again.

There is a large range of bags available that can be branded and printed with details of your service and company logo. Shopping bags fold up small,  are eternally useful especially as most supermarkets now charge for carrier bags.

So when your planning your new marketing strategy, think about the  ageing population and what you could do, that helps them and promotes your company at the same time. If you want ideas or inspiration, look at or call us on 0800 731 0301.


Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

What warm weather we are having- we will need hand warmers soon!

Yesterday a Farmer said to me “I have lived on this  farm for 52 years and never have I been able to pick field mushrooms in late November!” It is unseasonably warm and whilst I am not complaining at all to be enjoying such mild weather, it makes me wonder how cold it might get! The last two years we have had more snow than is usual and I wonder if this year we might get even more! The farmer is normally right about the weather, (his livelihood depends on it), he thinks it is going to be BIG snow this year!

I am wondering if lots of my customers think this too as hand warmers have become really popular in the last 2 /3 weeks. If we do get a very cold snap, your customers will be reaching for their hand warmers and leaving them in their coat pockets ready for whenever they venture outside!

Promotional hand warmers and hand warmer keyrings are a cost effective promotional item that will be used this winter and next, so they are a long lasting way of getting your name in front of your customer!

Here at we have hundreds of ideas and there is bound to be something for every budget and occasion. As its winter why not check out our christmas themed stress balls or our christmas promotional snow shakers.

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