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Thursday, March 19th, 2015

The Psychology Behind Promotional Gifts

Our faces seem to light up when we hear the words “promotion”, “sale” and “free”. We all love special treatment and the pleasant surprise of being offered something we never expected.


This is why we tend to respond so positively to promotional gifts, if not by purchasing an item from the company then by developing a sense of gratitude or admiration for the brand. Promotional gifts are one of the oldest yet most effective form of advertising.


promotional item



You know how fans paint their faces in support for a football team during an important match? It is a sincere form of loyalty and admiration. The same can happen with your clients. By rewarding them with a simple gift or keepsake you can help them feel not only appreciated, but also as though they are part of something bigger and important. In return you can count on their faithfulness.


There are many adverts that use lines like “we will always be there” or “we are closer than you think”. With a promotional item you not only send this same message, but send your clients with a tangible memento of your company. You can in fact always be there with them.


Give them something that can be used everywhere and is more interesting than a simple notepad. It will prove that you are a modern company that is not intimidated by innovative ideas.


Stress balls are just one good idea for a promotional gift. They are fun and send the right message in the marketing world. Your clients will be able to keep them in the office or even in their homes, allowing them to keep your company in mind should they ever need your services.


Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Using Promotional Items to Advertise Your Brand

The significance of logos and branding has been proven throughout the years. People who choose Cadbury chocolate when they crave sweets or browse British Airways ticket prices when planning a holiday have likely been exposed to successful marketing campaigns for these particular companies.


Promotional item

In such a competitive world every brand must make the effort to stand out and create a lasting connection with its customers.


Amidst the high tech media marketing solutions, using promotional items is still a tried and true advertising strategy. Companies race to find original, unique ideas to promote their products and services but simple items like stress balls can be amazingly effective.


They come in a seemingly endless number of shapes and colours and can be customised with your company logo. Whether you give them to clients in your office, hand them out at promotional events or send them in the post as a ‘thank you’, they create a lasting impression.


Once in the hands of your clients they also serve a purpose; they can help reduce stress levels and make people feel more relaxed.


If you plan to give away promotional items, make sure they are customised to appeal to your clients. As a brand, you will appear more professional and considerate.


Some industries may benefit from a promotional product that represents their products and services, whilst others may prefer to choose a ‘wildcard’ item to help create interest and draw attention to what they offer.


The item can then be printed with your company logo, website address, telephone number or a combination of these elements. Due to the relatively small printable area of most items it is important to choose your message carefully and make sure it has the impact you desire.


Focus on your target audience and what you believe they would like to receive, both in terms of the item itself and the message it portrays. For ideas, please feel free to contact our friendly staff.


Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Marketing for Valentine’s Day: Matters of the Heart

Seasonal marketing is one of those things that almost every company should do, but how to do it is often a complete mystery.


If you’re in the business of chocolate or flowers, marketing for Valentine’s Day may be much more straight-forward. But what if you sell automotive parts or cleaning products? While these may not be the most romantic products out there, that doesn’t mean you should ignore this day or any other festive days on the calendar. If you do, you could miss out on some great business opportunities.


Recognising a holiday shows that a company cares about current events. It makes it look human and alive. It is also a great branding strategy.


Valentine’s Day is one of the days that are really hard to integrate because they seem to appeal to a very specific market, but with a little love, your brand can join in the fun as well.


Valentine's Day Marketing


Valentine’s Day is about love and friendship, and if you’re a business you really need to love your customers and form friendships with your vendors and partners. A simple e-mail flyer wishing everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day may be all you need. A little heart and a clever slogan and you’re good to go.


However, if you want to go the extra mile and create more impact, you can always send your partners or clients a little gift. Go for a branded item, or even a nice bottle of wine for your most important customers. Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to show customer appreciation, and this goes for every industry.


Social Media and February 14th also go together like fish and chips, so it’s good to embrace it and run with it. “Give your loved one the gift of petrol” is silly and sounds forced, but if you give people a call to action and ask them what they love or tell them why you love them, you might be in for something great.


If your company supports any social causes such as the environment or cancer research, then you can highlight your love for those as well. Valentine’s Day is about the people and things they like the most. Based on that there is plenty you can do, regardless of what industry you are in.


The right language is also very important. If you are a company that caters to computer experts then using an analogy based on their particular jargon such as “You are the HTML to my CSS” is going to fare better than something more generic.


Your audience should always be the barometer for what works and what doesn’t. They are the priority of any marketing campaign. If you don’t speak in their language, you’ll lose their attention.


While going with the flow of the day can be productive, going against it has its merits too. Counter programming can be significant, which is why films like Rambo and Die Hard have opened on Valentine’s Day; to great financial success.


People who are single or just not into the kind of romance the day dictates are a great market, and one that often goes untapped. If you feel that they may represent an audience you can appeal to, don’t miss your chance.


In the end, marketing for Valentine’s Day is less about the colour pink and candy hearts and more about creativity. Think outside the box while embracing the spirit of the day you’ll be on your way to a successful campaign.


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Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

We Want to Hear your Rugby Stories

Rugby Stress Balls

It’s Friday night, you and the boys are jumping on the bus to the local stadium. You arrive with enough time to have a drink in a local pub, before braving the cold air and stepping out into the dark for tonight’s game.


You arrive at the stands, cold beer in one hand, a warm hot dog in the other. Trying to understand the commentators muffled voice through the lively crowd and the winter hat keeping your ears from frostbite. Your team are losing again, but every freezing second is worth the 90 minutes of pure British fun, too many beers and laughs with your fellow fans.


You shout at the ref, at the players too and scream about how your new born nephew could do a better job, but you will never stop supporting – the sign of a true British rugby fan.


At Mikki’s Promotional, we are huge rugby fans – following the season from beginning to end and braving all weathers to faithfully support our teams – come win or lose. We want to know who you are supporting, and why? As well as your favourite rugby match story – whether it be your first match, your most memorable win or simply the game with that created the most passion in the crowd.


Send us in your rugby stories, via email or social media, as we follow the season. Our favourite will be selected as the season draws to the end, and shared with our readers and social media fans to enjoy.


In the meantime, why not explore our collection of rugby themed stress balls – perfect for taking out your frustration, discretely, on the bus on the way home! – Or for throwing at the TV, without causing any damage when you watch at home!

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