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Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Tyres are now recycled into really useful promotional items!

We need not have mountains of used tyres anymore that take an age to biodegrade, we can recycle them into a host of useful items that can be branded too.

Mouse mat, coasters and pencil cases can actually all be made from recycled tyres! The old and worn-out tyre mountains are reducing! Imagine the amount of tyres discarded in the UK every day – now there is a great use for them; recycle them into useable, promotional gifts.

The mouse mat is functional, recycled, provides a great surface, is  good looking and could be made from the very tyre that caused you grief! They can be printed with your company, school, event or product logo and message to make them an environmentally responsible, giveaway. You can choose up to 4 colours, depending on your design to print, bright colours show up really well, against the black backgrounds.

 The recycled tyre products are available only in black, as obviously car tyres are black and to change the colour of the rubber, would involve processes that would not be environmentally friendly! The recycled tyre mats, coaster and pencil case, obviously have a super rubber finish that ensures extremely good grip, so they won’t slide around on your desk. The gorgeous pencil case comes with a range of colour coordinating zips to jazz them up, there is loads of room for all those stationary essentials.

Find out more about how you can promote your company using recycled products, by visiting


Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Promotional items to help the ageing population


A large portion of our commuity are older people, in fact  almost 17% of us are over 65 and this is an upward trend.  When that figure is compared to 17% of our population being under 15 and on a declining trend, you can see in a short time the population will be on average, much older. So why not pitch your promotional items to that very large and growing group of people. If you provide something usefuly, it will be kept a long time, reminding your clients and potential clients of your brand and products. This easy grip jar opener, helps solve an every day problem for millions of people, (not just the older ones)!


Stress balls are proven to keep your hands stronger and flexible for longer, if squeezed regularly every day. They are shaped, coloured and easily printable. We can do everyday items like tea towels, aprons and clothing too. Hand warmers are terrific as older people often suffer from poor circulation and get hold hands when the weather turn a little chilly, or during winter. Handwarmers can be re-used time and again.

There is a large range of bags available that can be branded and printed with details of your service and company logo. Shopping bags fold up small,  are eternally useful especially as most supermarkets now charge for carrier bags.

So when your planning your new marketing strategy, think about the  ageing population and what you could do, that helps them and promotes your company at the same time. If you want ideas or inspiration, look at or call us on 0800 731 0301.


Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Facebook, friend or Foe to companies?

wow-mugsFacebook is a 21st century phenomenon. It has allowed people to connect quickly and easily, to a vast circle of friends and  acquaintances throughout the world. Facebook is now also a recognised place for companies large and small, national, international and local to promote their products and activities. Charities are thriving with the use of facebook, daily updates, features of pets needing homes and fundraising days such as “Prince Fluffy Kareems” give a dollar day, (an egyptian horse rescue), are free to advertise, reach thousands of people instantly and  generate a lot of money quickly.


For businesses however, Facebook can be a mixed blessing. There is little or no control over what people write or post to your page, (moderation takes time). There is a lot of swearing on facebook and innapropriate words in peoples facebook “title”. These litter your wall and take the companies immediate image, out of the control of the company. If you are a child based charity, service or business it is important your image is “clean” and wholesome. Many compaies don’t want to be associated with politicial views and there are many opinions bandied about facebook that would be considered “non p-c”.

For some of these more “sensitive” companies and charities, Facebook campaigns may not be the right way to attract new clients. In these isntances it may be better to rely on tried and trusted promotional products that give constant brand reminders, are useful, have a long life and are cost effective too.

To view our entire promotional range, log on to or call us for expert advise on 01255 225301, we are always happy to help get your company, charity, club or service noticed.




Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Helping our elderly family & friends – Jar openers.

Winter is beginning to kick in and we need to think a little about what we can do to help our elderly friends, neighbours and family members. Problems like arthritis can be made worse by the cold weather and some older folk can’t afford the right amount of heating to keep warm. Everyday tasks like housework, shopping, getting dressed and even opening a jar can become much more difficult to accomplish.

 As a company it is important you target your promotional merchandising to the right clients and offer them something really useful that they will want to keep for a long time.

For the more elderly clients or those with a weaker grip a branded jar opener is the ideal gift. These jar openers come  hand shaped or rectangular and can be customised in full colour with your logo, message and company name. They look great and are really useful! How many times a week do we open a jar? On all of those occasions, your existing and potential clients could be reminded of your company and helped all at the same time!

Ladies often have to ask their husband to open a jar for them and sometimes a lid is on so firmly even the husband has to reach for the jar opener! If you want to know more about promotional jar openers,  see