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Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

National pick strawberries day with strawberries and cream day tomorrow.

Another obscure mention on today’s calendar is “National pick strawberries day”. Tomorrow is even better with “National strawberries and cream day”. Unfortunately its cold and raining today so not much picking going on  but if it’s nice where you are, pick your strawberries and then tomorrow eat them with lashings of cream and justify it because it is the national day for eating them!

It is strawberry season and it won’t be long until it is Wimbledon too, another opportunity to eat strawberries. If your a school, weight loss group or healthy eating campaign buy some fresh strawberries to make today or tomorrow extra special for your group. You could even make them into smoothies, ice cream or use them to top your cup cakes. I regularly drive through the countryside and enjoy picking strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries on a lovely summers day. They taste much nicer than the imported ones on a supermarket shelf as you only pick you can pick the luscious red ones. If you are a “pick your own” farm or greengrocer, strawberry themed promotional items will remind people of your fruit so they come back to you on a regular basis. Give summer a helping hand and encourage your customers with huge signs, images of strawberries, free samples,  strawberries and scones and a handy, take anywhere free strawberry themed gift, like this lovely soft keyring.

Yummy looking and useful too

Yummy looking and useful too


Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Recycled Key Rings

Keyrings have been a popular gift for many years; does this mean they are old hat in the marketing world? No, it means they work and they are a branded product with legs and longevity!

There are a multitude of uses for these keyrings and it doesn’t stop at hanging your keys on there! Lots of hire companies use key rings to label their equipment with their company logo and details. Key rings can be used to highlight a reward if your keys are stolen on one side and a company logo or message on the other. A good key ring that is appealing to staff and customers will get your company name or service known everywhere! A great little promotional tool, especially if you choose one of the recycled keyring range.


At many events and product launches there are goodie bags containing branded gifts, these bags contain a variety of products and a keyring is often featured among them.

These key rings come in a wide range, from custom shaped aqua filled keyrings that can include glitter and insert shapes relevant to your product or company to a range of recycled keyrings in different styles that can even include a bottle opener!

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Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Increased rates of sick leave in the summer hit business hard.

The summer is a wonderful thing, we wait for it through the long winter months and it arrives, bringing colour, long nights, warmth and a general good feeling. However people want to be out in the sun and having fun while it lasts. This means that sickness rates rise in many business during the summer months, some staff take a day off “sick”, because its too nice a day and they want to do something other than work! This has a negative impact on production or service, sometimes mean a higher price for customers and adds extra cost and expense to the business too.

So business need to look at what they can do to attract their staff in during the summer and to help eliminate feigned sickness on a nice day. A summer themed competition or targets with prizes often works well because the office is buzzing, it’s fun and extra things can be won. Managers can use an extra half day holiday or a double lunch break as a bigger prize, making sure there are lots of smaller prizes as incentives to build up to these. Branded sweets, stress balls, mugs, pens, rulers, gift vouchers, swapping work with a manager for a day, are all good incentives to come to work and work hard while you  are there. There might even be a prize for 100%  attendance over the summer months.

If you like the idea of raising attendance and stamping out summer “sickies”, look at for inspiration.


Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Promoting a charity is just as important, as promoting a profit making buiness, if not more so.

Some charities have a great marketing strategy and are really good at getting themselves known, spreading their message and pointing people in the right direction to get help. Some charities feel they can’t spend their fundraising on marketing or promotional items. The work and services that charities provide fill a huge gap that the government and corporate world leave in society. That gap is one of help, support, patience, understanding and care giving. Some charities have government and local authority funding, that needs topping up by fundraising, others have to raise all the money themselves. Promotional items can help these charities in two ways:

  • Items can be branded or plain and used for resale at open days and on stands at shows. The profit then boosts the fundraising effort. If you are going to do this, remember larger quanitites attract much cheaper prices than small quantities, allowing more money to be raised.
  • Branded items, displaying your logo, service details and how to get in contact, will show people where to go to get the help your charity provides. Lots of people don’t ask for help, because they don’t know the help is actually available to them.

These items can be fun or useful, whatever your client group would relate to. For example an adult literacy chairty might use branded notebooks, bookmarks or pens. An animal charity might use animal shaped stress balls.

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Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Football world Cup – everybody is going football theme crazy!

promotional-stress-ballsThe football world cup in Brazil starts in 28 days! The excitement is building and everyone is going football crazy! Lots of companies are looking at football themed promotional items to promote their company, club, charity, event or organisation. England are in group D with Uruguay, Costa Rica and Italy, a tough group but with grit, determination and skill England can do it! England are ranked 11th in the official FIFA rankings, our first match is against Italy on the 14th of June, Italy are ranked 9th, the four time winners will certainly put up a good fight and play well.

There is time to make your football themed order for promotional items still, with nearly a month to go but you will need to be quick, as products are in demand and production slots are being booked. The things that are available in football themes and can be printed with your logo or details are:

  • Football stress ball keyrings – your logo will be seen by many every day
  • Football shaped stress balls and football player stressball, a classic stress relieving product
  • Rulers with footballs themed printing
  • Football themed coasters showcasing your brand
  • Counter mats and mouse mats with your football themed print
  • Mugs that can reveal a football when hot liquid is put inside, your company brand will be visible all the time
  • Bar runners with a football design

Most things we create we can do with a footballs twist, why not make sure your company gets noticed amid the world cup excitement, call us on 0800 731 0301 or go to


Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Facebook, friend or Foe to companies?

wow-mugsFacebook is a 21st century phenomenon. It has allowed people to connect quickly and easily, to a vast circle of friends and  acquaintances throughout the world. Facebook is now also a recognised place for companies large and small, national, international and local to promote their products and activities. Charities are thriving with the use of facebook, daily updates, features of pets needing homes and fundraising days such as “Prince Fluffy Kareems” give a dollar day, (an egyptian horse rescue), are free to advertise, reach thousands of people instantly and  generate a lot of money quickly.


For businesses however, Facebook can be a mixed blessing. There is little or no control over what people write or post to your page, (moderation takes time). There is a lot of swearing on facebook and innapropriate words in peoples facebook “title”. These litter your wall and take the companies immediate image, out of the control of the company. If you are a child based charity, service or business it is important your image is “clean” and wholesome. Many compaies don’t want to be associated with politicial views and there are many opinions bandied about facebook that would be considered “non p-c”.

For some of these more “sensitive” companies and charities, Facebook campaigns may not be the right way to attract new clients. In these isntances it may be better to rely on tried and trusted promotional products that give constant brand reminders, are useful, have a long life and are cost effective too.

To view our entire promotional range, log on to or call us for expert advise on 01255 225301, we are always happy to help get your company, charity, club or service noticed.




Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Everyone needs a torch on these dark nights!

Only a month ago we were experiencing very mild weather and feeling lucky people. Amazingly the weather is still fairly mild for the time of year but the nights are dark so early. At 4.30pm it is is very dark and you need a streetlight or torch to safely see where you are going! Now is the perfect time of year to present your customer, staff or potential clients with a promotional item, it’s always nice to give or receive a gift during the Christmas period.

There is now a varied range of promotional torches available, in a range of shapes and sizes, ready for your companies branding! As well as the traditional shaped torches there are torches that are hidden inside a credit card type card; torches that also make a designer desk light,wind up branded torches or ones that can charge via your pc’s usb slot. Most have either bright LED or traditional torch bulbs.


It is always important to think about the lifespan of any promotional item or gadget you are going to give out. Torches aren’t seasonal or just for a specific occasion. It gets dark every day of the year! It is likely to be used more regularly in the winter months but it has potential to be year round, year after year, what super value for money and opportunities for repeat exposure, placing your company at the forefront of your customers thoughts!

To find out more about branded torches, go the premium portfolio section of  .



Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

What warm weather we are having- we will need hand warmers soon!

Yesterday a Farmer said to me “I have lived on this  farm for 52 years and never have I been able to pick field mushrooms in late November!” It is unseasonably warm and whilst I am not complaining at all to be enjoying such mild weather, it makes me wonder how cold it might get! The last two years we have had more snow than is usual and I wonder if this year we might get even more! The farmer is normally right about the weather, (his livelihood depends on it), he thinks it is going to be BIG snow this year!

I am wondering if lots of my customers think this too as hand warmers have become really popular in the last 2 /3 weeks. If we do get a very cold snap, your customers will be reaching for their hand warmers and leaving them in their coat pockets ready for whenever they venture outside!

Promotional hand warmers and hand warmer keyrings are a cost effective promotional item that will be used this winter and next, so they are a long lasting way of getting your name in front of your customer!

Here at we have hundreds of ideas and there is bound to be something for every budget and occasion. As its winter why not check out our christmas themed stress balls or our christmas promotional snow shakers.

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

House Prices Fall slightly in the year to April

UK house prices have not yet recovered it seems as the national survey of house prices suggests that prices actually fell in April by 1.1%. This makes the whole year trend a drop of 0.3% on last year. A survey of chartered surveyors suggests that people are still being put off by the economic climate and continued mortgage rationing.

Although mortgage borrowing actually rose in April the Council of Mortgage Lenders said that this was not the likely trend for the year.

The surveys published this year all seem to show a slight downward trend in house prices, as well as a widespread variation in house prices throughout the UK.

A RICs spokesman said that interest in buying property has remained flat throughout the year due to both the economic climate and the lack of mortgage funds.

It seems that house prices in England remained the same whereas in London they grew by 3.6%. Northern Ireland saw a drop of 15.2% as did Scotland 1.2 % and Wales 1.4%.

If you work as part of the housing market then why not consider purchasing a house stress ball to promote your company. We here at Mikkis can supply these as well as bricks and many other housing related stress balls. We are all providers of all kinds of promotional items and corporate gifts so why not visit our site at where I’m sure you will find something to spark your imagination.


Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Images of the Brain and Consciousness

Doctors have finally been able to obtain an image of the brain as it slips into unconsciousness. The image shows the brain’s waxing and waning of electrical activity that occurs when the brain slips from consciousness into the unconscious state.

It seems that different parts of the brain are talking to each other as consciousness slips away. It is hoped that the work will ultimately help doctors to pinpoint damage caused by stroke and head injury. The findings support a theory put forward by Dr Susan Greenfield of the University of Oxford that different parts of the brain inhibit each other as consciousness wanes.

The new technique called Functional Electrical Impedance Tomography by Evoked Response (fEITER) is a more compact process that fMRI, which can be easily used in the operating theatre. It works by sending low electrical impulses through the skull by way of tens of electrodes and the signals are interrupted by the brain’s own electrical signals and tissue.

It is hoped that this technique will be able to tell much about patients with stroke or head injury as well as tell us much about consciousness itself.

If you would like a little reminder of this technique or are just interested in brains generally then why not consider purchasing some brain stress balls to sit on your desk? These are miniature squeezy brains intended as stress relievers. They are the ideal corporate gift especially if you are in an NHS related profession. To see our entire range of stress balls and our other promotional gifts just visit us at where you will find a huge range of items to choose from.