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Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

At Last! A Billboard That Fits In Your Pocket

What if I told you there is a billboard which is the size of a playing card and your customers and business partners will readily ask you for it on a daily basis, without you forcing it on them.

Do you wanna hear about it? You do?

Well, I am sorry to disappoint you with this little tidbit but this mini billboard has already been invented.

It is as old as the printing press. But it’s use is what we will be talking about.

The object of our desire right now, is known as the business card.

Why Business Cards Are Your Mini Billboards

Most business owners use their business cards to give their name, phone number and contacts details. If you are paying close attention, you will notice this is a very similar tactic trained prisoners of war use when they are being interrogated by the enemy. They give their name, rank, and serial number. And they are trained to repeat this same answer verbatim when a question is posed to them, even when being tortured…now see herein lies the problem. This tactic is okay for the prisoner of war because it ensures no important information is leaked into the plans of the enemy.

But in the world of business this is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. At the very least you want your customer to feel like you are holding nothing back from them and ideally willing to give them all the information they need to make an informed decision and eventually purchase from you.

The best way to think about your business card is to ask yourself the question.

What compelling reason from 1 of the 100 other business cards stuffed in my customers wallet does he have to pick-up the phone and call me?

You should already have the answer to this question…it’s your advertising message!

I remember one client I was working with, a financial advisor who took this idea and created business cards with the look and feel of a credit card. And the long number in the middle of his card was his business phone number. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

What ideas can you come up with related to your industry that will determine the size shape, colour and form your business card will take?

A little known business card secret…Use the back of your business card too!

Don’t only use the front of your business card…use the back of the card also, and in most cases it’s not going to cost you a lot more

Let me tell you what doing this will do for you.

1. Your customer goes away with your complete compelling message!

2. You separate yourself from the pack of hum-drum business cards turning yellow in your customers pocket.

3. You business card can be used by the customer to refer your business to people they care about…at no additional cost to you. And the full message on the card means the customer does not have the hassle of explaining what you can do for their friend.

4. If your business card is misplaced, any person picking it up will instantly know the reason WHY they should call you and what is in it for them.

5. Your business card is more likely to be kept and not thrown in the garbage like a lot of other cards because apart from being interesting, it conveys VALUE to the customer (people tend to keep things that seem personal – it’s human nature).

I hope I’ve done enough to convince you. Oh, before I miss it out. Don’t forget to put the words “Please turn card” if you are also using the back of your business card.


Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Supervet on Channel 4, brave, takes risks and believes in his team and the animals.

The Supervet series on Channel 4, features Noel Fitzpatrick and his team of dedicated vetinary visionaries. The team deal with referrals from all over the country that local vets cannot help. A lot of these animals have complex fractures that require pins, plates and sometimes external fixaters. Last nights episodes featured Jasper, a beautiful staffordshire terrier puppy that had birth and growth defects. His elbows on the front legs had never been “in the socket”, and the leg bones were growing at different rates. Not only did he have a series of complex, difficult and lengthy operations, he also had a cardiac arrest due to an anaesthetic beforehis second op. Jasper had nearly 150 physio sessions, nearly 50 hydrotherapy sessions and over 2 months in the purpose built, state of the art clinic. Against the odds, Jasper, a black cat, a beautiful labrador and a pot bellied pig escaped being youthanised and were saved by the “bionic vet”.

Britain is a nation of animal lovers, this programme proves there are owners prepared to pay to save their pet, most of the them are insured, but insurance only goes up to a maximum amount, the owner is then liable for the remainder. The animals themselves, were brave and aided their own recovery with their determination. The vets were also emotionally involved, this clinic is the last chance for these much loved pets.

Promote your charity, business, company or service using an animal theme. We have stressballs in every shape and size, coasters, mouse mats, glasses, mugs, clothing, pencil cases etc.. that can be printed with your animal designs and your logo to attract your clients. People often like people, that like animals, show your company as animal friendly and win new clients. Go to for inspiration.



Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

The economy is improving, business can start buying promotional items to grow their customer base.

If someone goes to an exhibition or event, they love to have “freebies” from the different companies and organisations that are at the event. In the last few years these branded promotional gifts have been on the decline due to negative economic factors and reduced cashflow. Happily the economy is looking healthier and continuing to get better and here at Mikkis we have seen companies now starting to spend more again on promotional gifts. Feedback tells us they have noticed the reduced new client numbers after an event and want to start growing again. Events are very expensive and it is important to make the most of them!

There is a vast range of promotional items out there too. It is wise to combine different types of marketing gifts as they have different product life cycles. For example, a pen or a pencil can be low cost and last a long time. A mouse mat that includes a calendar is very useful and will last a whole year. A sticker or badge is good for immediate promotion and brand recognition but has a shorter lifespan, they do instantly encourage people over to your exhibition stand though. However the very cost effective fridge magnet can last for years and be seen by all the family and visitors to the home. Bags that are branded could be used each time a shoppng trip happens. Executive gifts like leather document holders will last for years and although much more expensive, exude quality and will keep your brand alive much longer and do provide value for money.

If you want help with your promotions, we have many years experience and thousands of different products to choose from. Look on for inspiration.


Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Facebook, friend or Foe to companies?

wow-mugsFacebook is a 21st century phenomenon. It has allowed people to connect quickly and easily, to a vast circle of friends and  acquaintances throughout the world. Facebook is now also a recognised place for companies large and small, national, international and local to promote their products and activities. Charities are thriving with the use of facebook, daily updates, features of pets needing homes and fundraising days such as “Prince Fluffy Kareems” give a dollar day, (an egyptian horse rescue), are free to advertise, reach thousands of people instantly and  generate a lot of money quickly.


For businesses however, Facebook can be a mixed blessing. There is little or no control over what people write or post to your page, (moderation takes time). There is a lot of swearing on facebook and innapropriate words in peoples facebook “title”. These litter your wall and take the companies immediate image, out of the control of the company. If you are a child based charity, service or business it is important your image is “clean” and wholesome. Many compaies don’t want to be associated with politicial views and there are many opinions bandied about facebook that would be considered “non p-c”.

For some of these more “sensitive” companies and charities, Facebook campaigns may not be the right way to attract new clients. In these isntances it may be better to rely on tried and trusted promotional products that give constant brand reminders, are useful, have a long life and are cost effective too.

To view our entire promotional range, log on to or call us for expert advise on 01255 225301, we are always happy to help get your company, charity, club or service noticed.




Friday, May 2nd, 2014

NFC mats, something new in the promotional market.

nfc-mats-group[1]NFC tags are tiny little microchips that can be built into coasters, bars runners, mouse mats and counter mats. When you put your phone close to the tag in the NFC mat it makes the “item” pop up on your screen. This “item” could be a phone number for a taxi company, a website for a paint supplier, a promotional code for a store or restaurant or anything else that would prove just a useful!

This tag makes the mat, coaster or runner interactive at a small cost. Imagine a taxi company creating some coasters or bar runners, your client has a few drinks, needs a taxi home and it’s so easy to hover their phone and press call, why would they find another number?

A company at an exhibition might use NFC tags in their mouse mat give aways, the prospecitive clients can then hover their phone and be taken straight to the website or given a discount code or incentive to buy a product in store.

Imagine a large DIY store that has counter mats full of product information. You could create a NFC taged counter mat, hosting several different tags to give different information about products such as paint or furniture dimensions, straight to the phone.

If you are a charity, the mat could advertise your charity and the NFC tag could take the phone owner straight to your donation page? How easy is that for the person to donate with limited effort?

The possibilities are endless with NFC tags. How could they benefit your club, organisation, charity or company?

To find out more, see or call 0800 731 0301.


Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Mouse mats just got shinier but not slippier!

Mouse mats have been a promotional item for around 20 years! An item with real staying power. This means though that manufacturers have to find new and exciting things to do with them?! What more could possibly be done? We have had mouse mats with windows to add your own photo or promotion, mouse mats with calenders printed on or even stuck underneath, mouse mats in custom shapes to represent whats being sold.  Mouse mats printed in different styles to allow for the best presentation of the image and now mouse mats with an ultra glossy surface to give a brighter image and really attract attention. If a mouse mat could ever be described as gorgeous, these ones can! Don’t worry though, they still give the same great mouse performance as usual, the surface sure is glossy, but it isn’t slippery.

Great news though, coasters and some counter mats can also have the same, great new finish. Your company name and logo would look amazing under this glossy mouse mat surface and its not even any more money! Have a look at to see the whole mouse mat, counter mat and coaster range.


Monday, June 13th, 2011

The new ipad 2

The new ipad 2 is now 33% thinner and 15% lighter. It makes surfing the web and emailing your friends so much easier than ever before. The new ipad 2 had two powerful cores in one A5 chip meaning it can do twice the work at once. Doing multiple tasks is now faster and smoother than before. Graphics are now up to 9 times faster making game play and photo viewing even faster.

It has the same amazing 10 hour battery life as before even though so many aspects have been improved upon. There are now two cameras on the ipad 2 for face time video calling. The new smart cover for the ipad 2 means that when you take the cover off the ipad 2 wakes up instantly and accordingly when you put the cover on it automatically goes to sleep. The cover is available in a wide variety of colours. It has a 9.7inch backlit display which makes viewing super easy.

With Multi-touch on the ipad 2 everything is at your finger tips. The sensitive system converts your every touch, swipe or press into appropriate actions for your application.

However, despite the ipad 2 being so popular and so impressive there is always going to be the need for desk top computers and the associated mice and mouse mats required for them. If you would like to purchase some mouse mats for your company why not consider having them branded and giving them away as corporate gifts or give-aways? We can help you because we here at Mikkis can supply any type of promotional mouse mats you may require. Just look at our web site for our complete range of mouse mats and other promotional items and gifts.


Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Double Sided Mouse Mats

When one side isn’t enough the double sided mouse mats are the perfect option!

The double sided mouse mat is perfect for advertising two lots of products or brands as they can be printed upto 4 colour process on both sides!

As mouse mats are used on a daily basis they have a tendancy to get dirty. So to solve this problem why not opt for a double sided mouse mat. All the user needs to do is simply flip the mouse mat over and use the other side, making these a practical mousing solution! Not only are they effective for the person using the computer mouse but your brand gets is also enhanced. No matter which way you use the mats your brand is sure to get the double the exposure!

At present we have a selection of double sided mouse mats which can all be custom printed with your company logo. We can print full colour on both sides giving you a huge print area to display your brand.

The most popular double sided mouse mat tends to be the hardtop mats, which feature a mark resist pvc to both sides and a 3mm foam inner. These durable mats offer an excellent mousing surface and real value for money. Why buy 2 lots of mouse mats with different designs when you can fit them all on one.

Double sided mouse mats – twice the print and twice the impact!

Double Sided Mouse Mats

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Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Recycled Mouse Mats

This year has seen a huge increase in the demand for green and eco friendly promotional items. So to help play our part in keeping the planet green we have launched an exciting new range of recycled promotional items!

One of the most popular reycled promotional products that we offer are our recycled mouse mats. A present we offer to version of recycled mats which include the recycled brite mat which is made from old vending cups and the tyre mat, which as the name suggests is made form recycled car tyres.
Recycled Brite Mats
The recycled brite mat is made from recycled vending cups. This rigid mouse mat does not flex like some standard mouse mats, which means they are ultra durable. The surface allows you to use both a traditional ball mouse and an optical mouse as these are “optical friendly”. What makes the brite mats so popular is the fact they can be custom printed up to full colour! The bright vivid designs we can achieve makes the brite mats stand out from the crowd.
Recycled Tyre Mats
How many times have you seen a pile of car tyres sitting around abandoned? Well at last we have found a use for old car tyres and have found an ingenious method of recycling them and making them into recycled mouse mats. As you would expect the mouse mats are black and can only be printed with simple spot colour designs, but what better way to promote an eco message!
For more information on any of our recycled promotional items or mouse mats please call us on 0800 731 0301 to discuss your requirements or visit

Recycled Mouse Mats

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Promotional Mouse Mats

Placing your company name or logo on custom mouse mats is a great way to advertise! Every business needs to advertise, and putting your name under the fingertips of your clients is a great way to accomplish this!Imagine having your company’s name displayed on someone’s desk every day. What a great way to get a leg up on your competition! For a vast selection of promotional mouse mats , visit
Some of the great products offered are:
• Soft mat
• Recycled Brite mat
• Aqua mat
• Ultrathin mat
• Recycled Tyre mat
• Hardtop Mouse mat
SoftMats are a popular choice because of their economical value and their ease of use. Your company logo looks great on these optical mouse friendly mats.
Recycled Brite Mats are a rigid mat which supports an ultra bright print for your company name. Now you can get this popular mat made from recycled vending cups!
Aqua Mats are truly a unique product which is sure to draw attention to your advertisement printed on them. These mats are filled with two liquids which never mix to create a dazzling effect. You can even get custom printed floating inserts to swim within the mat, doubling your advertising efforts!
Ultrathin Mats are just that; very thin. Characterized by its non slip backing, this mat offers a stunning way to display your custom branding.
Recycled Tyre Mats are made from recycled car tyres! Advertise your business and help the environment all at the same time. Your colorful logo is dazzling against this rubber mat’s black backdrop.
Hardtop Mouse Mats are popular due their durability. Your advertisement is printed on the underside of the hard top. This will preserve your print for years to come.
Most mouse mats can be customized to fit the size and shape which will help your company achieve its promotional goals.

Promotional Mouse Mats

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