Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Using Promotional Items to Advertise Your Brand

The significance of logos and branding has been proven throughout the years. People who choose Cadbury chocolate when they crave sweets or browse British Airways ticket prices when planning a holiday have likely been exposed to successful marketing campaigns for these particular companies.


Promotional item

In such a competitive world every brand must make the effort to stand out and create a lasting connection with its customers.


Amidst the high tech media marketing solutions, using promotional items is still a tried and true advertising strategy. Companies race to find original, unique ideas to promote their products and services but simple items like stress balls can be amazingly effective.


They come in a seemingly endless number of shapes and colours and can be customised with your company logo. Whether you give them to clients in your office, hand them out at promotional events or send them in the post as a ‘thank you’, they create a lasting impression.


Once in the hands of your clients they also serve a purpose; they can help reduce stress levels and make people feel more relaxed.


If you plan to give away promotional items, make sure they are customised to appeal to your clients. As a brand, you will appear more professional and considerate.


Some industries may benefit from a promotional product that represents their products and services, whilst others may prefer to choose a ‘wildcard’ item to help create interest and draw attention to what they offer.


The item can then be printed with your company logo, website address, telephone number or a combination of these elements. Due to the relatively small printable area of most items it is important to choose your message carefully and make sure it has the impact you desire.


Focus on your target audience and what you believe they would like to receive, both in terms of the item itself and the message it portrays. For ideas, please feel free to contact our friendly staff.

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