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Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Promotional Drinks make great gifts.

The demand for branded drinks has grown hugely in the last two years. Initially the drink offering was confined to bottled water but companies have caught on to how effective these are as an awareness product and the range has grown!


Promotional drinks now come in a wide range, now including; water, energy drinks, isotonic drinks, iced coffee and even fruit smoothies! These branded drinks have a wide range of uses including; sporting events, restaurants, exhibitions, event sponsorship, marketing campaigns, hotels and bars…they can be used as a gift to market your company or event in almost any situation!

All of the drinks come with custom printed, bright, glossy labels. Iced coffee, energy and isotonic drinks come in a 250ml slimline can that fits neatly into your fridge. Bottled water comes in either 330ml or 500ml with a choice of screw or sports cap.

The energy drinks have a distinctive taste and have been compared to the world famous, “Red bull”. The isotonic drinks taste similar to other energy giving drinks such as Lucozade. The drinks don’t just look good, advertise your company and quench your thirst, they taste great too! Fruit smoothies are made from 100% natural ingredients, tasting even better, than they look! For help in choosing your ideal drinks, contact Mikkis.

Find out more about how you can promote your company by visiting



Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Increased rates of sick leave in the summer hit business hard.

The summer is a wonderful thing, we wait for it through the long winter months and it arrives, bringing colour, long nights, warmth and a general good feeling. However people want to be out in the sun and having fun while it lasts. This means that sickness rates rise in many business during the summer months, some staff take a day off “sick”, because its too nice a day and they want to do something other than work! This has a negative impact on production or service, sometimes mean a higher price for customers and adds extra cost and expense to the business too.

So business need to look at what they can do to attract their staff in during the summer and to help eliminate feigned sickness on a nice day. A summer themed competition or targets with prizes often works well because the office is buzzing, it’s fun and extra things can be won. Managers can use an extra half day holiday or a double lunch break as a bigger prize, making sure there are lots of smaller prizes as incentives to build up to these. Branded sweets, stress balls, mugs, pens, rulers, gift vouchers, swapping work with a manager for a day, are all good incentives to come to work and work hard while you  are there. There might even be a prize for 100%  attendance over the summer months.

If you like the idea of raising attendance and stamping out summer “sickies”, look at for inspiration.


Friday, June 13th, 2014

Promotional cooling products, perfect marketing idea for this hot summer!

promotional-drinksIt is very hot and very humid, it’s only 9am, early June and yes it’s the UK! We are not used to such hot weather, everyone is searching for a way to keep cool and look cool, whilst enjoying the fabulous weather.

Currently trending in the promotional world are cooling products; ice packs, drink coolers, promotional bottled water, mini branded cool bags and embroidered caps. Our clients are understanding that their clients are finding it hot! Summer themed promotional items get kept by their owner for years, in the cupboard over winter, then out again for the summer!

Especially during another summer of super sport, our can coolers will be really popular, each time a nice cold can is drunk, your brand gets noticed! We also do these in small bottle size and wine bottle size. Great for BBQ’s, picnics and outdoor events.

Mini branded coolers in a variety of styles, you know these will have repeated use and as they are “out and about” products, providing repeated exposure to new and potential clients. The ice packs are perfect for coolers or as a stand alone product!

These best way to stay healthy in the sun is to wear a hat and drink plenty of water, our promotional bottled water is perfect for any event and our caps will last for years, with your logo on!

If you are interested in any of the summer themed promotional items, call us on 0800 731 0301, or go to



Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Supervet on Channel 4, brave, takes risks and believes in his team and the animals.

The Supervet series on Channel 4, features Noel Fitzpatrick and his team of dedicated vetinary visionaries. The team deal with referrals from all over the country that local vets cannot help. A lot of these animals have complex fractures that require pins, plates and sometimes external fixaters. Last nights episodes featured Jasper, a beautiful staffordshire terrier puppy that had birth and growth defects. His elbows on the front legs had never been “in the socket”, and the leg bones were growing at different rates. Not only did he have a series of complex, difficult and lengthy operations, he also had a cardiac arrest due to an anaesthetic beforehis second op. Jasper had nearly 150 physio sessions, nearly 50 hydrotherapy sessions and over 2 months in the purpose built, state of the art clinic. Against the odds, Jasper, a black cat, a beautiful labrador and a pot bellied pig escaped being youthanised and were saved by the “bionic vet”.

Britain is a nation of animal lovers, this programme proves there are owners prepared to pay to save their pet, most of the them are insured, but insurance only goes up to a maximum amount, the owner is then liable for the remainder. The animals themselves, were brave and aided their own recovery with their determination. The vets were also emotionally involved, this clinic is the last chance for these much loved pets.

Promote your charity, business, company or service using an animal theme. We have stressballs in every shape and size, coasters, mouse mats, glasses, mugs, clothing, pencil cases etc.. that can be printed with your animal designs and your logo to attract your clients. People often like people, that like animals, show your company as animal friendly and win new clients. Go to for inspiration.



Friday, March 14th, 2014

Easter is around the corner and spring has arrived, all of a sudden.

Cute easter Bunny stress ball

Cute easter Bunny stress ball

Spring seems to have arrived all of a sudden, following the dreadful high winds and floods, much of the UK have experienced this year so far. Now we see people without coats, lingering outside rather than hurrying indoors and smiles on faces. Everyone has been saying how lovely it is to see the sun and last weekend, we even smelt the faint whiff of a BBQ!  Easter is around the corner, the supermarkets have chocolate eggs everywhere and excitement is building for the Easter break. This is the time of year that clubs, charities and organisations start fund raising with renewed vigour. Why not buy promotional items relevant to the season and sell them at your next fundraiser? Branded sweets or chocolate with your logo on are perfect for easter. How about chick or easter egg themed stress balls, these could be given as prizes for those chidlren raising over a certain amount on sponsored events?

This time of year is also when the outdoor runs and fun begins, why not sell promotional drinks like water, smoothies, sports drinks and iced tea at your next event, to raise even more money. If your a profit making business, April normally heralds the release of the new marketing budgets! Spent it while you can, in case they cut the budget later in the year. Plan ahead according to your events and product launches and make sure your marketing cupboard is ready in advance for anything! Staff love incentives, branded sweets, chocolates and mints fit with the easter theme and will increase productivity.

Enjoy the brighter weather, start planning your next event and thinking of ways to attract new customers. Targeting the tummy normally works a treat! 

If you have got some inspiration from my ideas, call us on 0800 731 0301 and we will do our best to help you, here at Mikkis.


Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Six Nations Rugby and upcoming sport in 2014

It is nearly time for Italy, Scotland, Wales, England,France and Ireland to do battle again on the rugby pitches of the six Nations tournament in Round 4.  The 2013 final led to another crushing deafeat for England, in another England V Wales final, with a thumping 30 – 3 Welsh victory.

The match for England this year in round 4, is against the Welsh giants of rugby at the famous Twickenham grounds. Who will come out on top in this match, Wales or England? Looking at the first three rounds of the Six Nations, either side could be triumphant.

The ladies 6 nations is hotting up too with England versus Wales At Twickenham, 2 days before the mens match. Going on the form from the previous three rounds, (2 out of 3 wins), it looks like the English Women may triumph!

The under 20’s mens team, has also won 2 out of 3 previous matches and face Wales, who have won 2 out of 3 of their previous matches too. 3 big clashes and 3 eagerly awaited results.

We are 3 months away from the Football World cup being held in the heat of Brazil. Excitement will build and all eyes will be fixed on the TV sets of lounges and pubs, all over the world.

We are about to start with the Paralympics in Sochi, just over a week of exciting snow and ice based sporting competition, that will see our Para heroes battling it out with the rest of the word. We are expecting to see over 600 brave and talented competitors. More and more we are seeing summer Olympians crossing over to winter sports, coupled with some great para winter specialists, we are set for a super week of competition.

We are also in for a good summer of cricket and Tennis with Wimbledon almost around the corner …

All great sporting events have branded promotional banners, accessories, towels, mugs, drinks… the list is endless. If you want to promote your company or sporting event, we can help with our range of sport themed promotional gifts and merchandise. Look at our website for inspiration.



Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Promotional Drinks

Strategically placement of your company branding is an important part of your advertising. Finding the right places to display your advertising is an important decision.

A perfect way to achieve this is to consider placing your company name or logo on custom printed drink bottles and cans. You can visit for one of the largest selections of promotional drinks available.Example of some products you will find:.

• Isotonic drinks
• Fruit smoothies
• Ice Coffee drinks
• Multivitamin drinks
• Energy drinks
• Mineral water bottles

Isotonic sports drinks are great promotional items for a multitude of areas. They can be used as giveaways at sporting events, sold at exhibitions or a wide variety of other events. Your logo will be displayed in high gloss creating a memorable display.

Fruit smoothies are available in four tempting flavors such as Peach and Passionfruit, Pineapple and Mango, Banana and Strawberry and Banana and Raspberry. These are a delicious and nutritious way to display your company name.

Ice Coffee drinks is a customer favorite! Supply customers with a dose of your advertising along with their dose of caffeine. Served in slim bottles with a glossy label, these fit neatly into office refrigerators and lunch bags.

Multivitamin drinks are popular in the health conscious world we live in today. These drinks contain 9 different vitamins. Branded with your company logo, these drink cans are perfect for corporate giveaways and to be sold at health clubs.

Energy drinks come in slimline cans perfect for on the go. These are one of the best sellers in the promotional drink line. Anyone looking for an energy boost throughout their work day will be appreciative for this product. Your company artwork will be brilliantly displayed on the glossy can for maximum exposure.

Mineral water bottles are one of the most versatile products in this line. Water is essential for everyone. In addition to mineral water, sparkling water is also available. Screw on caps or sport tips are also options on these products. Available in 330 ml and 500 ml sizes, you are sure to find just the right water bottle for your promotion.

Just imagine the impression your company will give if at your next client meeting you serve your drinks in containers with your name branded on them.

Promotional Drinks

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