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Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

5 Mistakes Currently Choking Your Good Advertising

Ok, so you have come up with a concept for your advertising campaign.

You have plopped your money down for a good designer or illustrator. Your advert is ready to be published.

The advert is published and appears in the marketplace.

What happens now?


Why? The concept was good. You already know the market will love what you have to offer. You paid good money for the publishing of your advert.

Why is it not working?

Let’s have a good stab at the reason. In fact, it is possible there are five reasons.

Here’s how you can make sure your advertising pounds stop running down the plug hole.

Advertising Mistake 1:
Your Advert Must First ‘Look Good’ Before It Is Used

This is a very common mistake. Many people judge advertising on the ‘lookl’ of the ad. In fact one of the mysteries of the modern world is having advertising awards for aesthetically appealing ads. That’s just plain stupid!

It doesn’t matter so much how good your advert looks. Think about it, your customers couldn’t care less how pretty your advertising is. What they are most concerned with when thumbing through the Yellow Pages or bundling along in their everyday life is something that ‘speaks’ directly to them. And what should matter to you is how much money you made from the advert! In other words how many of your customers you ‘spoke to’ through your advert.

Of course I’m not saying your ad cannot look good. What I’m saying is your number one objective is to get the sale (or at least a response from a customer.)

Never forget this goal when creating a ‘good looking’ advert!

Advertising Mistake 2:
Making Your Company Name Prominent In The Advert

Regardless of how familiar your company or service is to your customers, you should always place your company name at the bottom of the ad. Never ever put your company name at the top of the ad. In other words ‘Who Cares’ what your company is called unless it communicates to your customer what your business can do for them!

Having said all of that, there is one time to break this rule of using your company name first and prominently and this is when you are an uber celebrity yourself or you have the same name as a celebrity.

This is cheeky, but a good name can be a good asset.

Advertising Mistake 3:
Never Asking your customers to call-in because it seems ‘unprofessional’

Many stuffy design agencies frown on what I choose to call ‘response devices’ for your customers, because their thinking once again is – adverts asking for a response don’t look ‘good.’
A response device is any tool that gives your customers the ability and incentive to make contact with you. The most widely used one is a phone number.

Adding a response device has the ability to double the response of your advertising instantly.

You must therefore have a very good reason not to use a response device in your adverts. In fact, I’ve never come up with a good enough reason to leave one out – unless of course you don’t have enough advertising space…and even in that case, I would suggest the extra expense to include one as worth the money.

Advertising Mistake 4:
Your Advert Must Not Have Too Many Words And Have Lots Of Clear Space

This is the most deadly mistake business owners make with their advertising.

You cannot ever hope to get a high response to your advertising if you don’t give people a good enough reason to respond. This means your advert needs to be fully informative and communicate just enough of a positive message to get the desired customer response.

Contrary to what most people think, an advert crammed full of relevant and benefit driven words always wins over an advert without lots of words.

Advertising Mistake 5:
You Should Use A Design Agency To Create Your Adverts.

Oh my God, if I had a penny for every time I heard this from business owners I speak to!

Like all professions, there are good professionals and bad ones. However you should only work with advertising and marketing professionals that use what are called ‘direct response’ advertising techniques.

These are advertising techniques geared toward getting a favourable response from your customers.

Only professionals who know these direct-response techniques will ever get the results you should expect with your advertising.

As I often tell business owners that seek my expertise with their advertising, it is they who are better equipped to create their own advertising rather than using an outside professional.
The reason I send them away to create their own advertising is because they are most likely to know what their customers want, and what appeals to them in their adverts.

You’ll save thousands of pounds and almost certainly make more money from your advertising if you create them yourself.

These 5 mistakes may seem really simple, but if you fail to keep an eye on them, they stack-up like paper cuts bleeding your business to death, because they are lethal to your cash flow when ignored.

The message is simple really. Either find someone who can help you deliver your advertising message more effectively. Or, learn how to do it for yourself and your company.


Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

National pick strawberries day with strawberries and cream day tomorrow.

Another obscure mention on today’s calendar is “National pick strawberries day”. Tomorrow is even better with “National strawberries and cream day”. Unfortunately its cold and raining today so not much picking going on  but if it’s nice where you are, pick your strawberries and then tomorrow eat them with lashings of cream and justify it because it is the national day for eating them!

It is strawberry season and it won’t be long until it is Wimbledon too, another opportunity to eat strawberries. If your a school, weight loss group or healthy eating campaign buy some fresh strawberries to make today or tomorrow extra special for your group. You could even make them into smoothies, ice cream or use them to top your cup cakes. I regularly drive through the countryside and enjoy picking strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries on a lovely summers day. They taste much nicer than the imported ones on a supermarket shelf as you only pick you can pick the luscious red ones. If you are a “pick your own” farm or greengrocer, strawberry themed promotional items will remind people of your fruit so they come back to you on a regular basis. Give summer a helping hand and encourage your customers with huge signs, images of strawberries, free samples,  strawberries and scones and a handy, take anywhere free strawberry themed gift, like this lovely soft keyring.

Yummy looking and useful too

Yummy looking and useful too


Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Today is Be a MIllionaire day – I think we would all say yes to that!

Squeeze out the frustration of not being a millionaire today!

Squeeze out the frustration of not being a millionaire today!

So today is actually “Be a millionaire day”. I am sure lots of us would like to be a millionaire but how does that happen?

A win on the lottery? We could buy a ticket and hopefully get lucky. There have been many millionaires made by the national lottery, some have spent all their money in a hurry and regret it. Some of them have even carried on with their jobs, hardly bought anything and put it in a bank or suitable investment, keeping the same cars, house and lifestyle., knowing they have a substantial amount of rainy day money behind them. Then the rest of us would spend some, save some and maybe give some to our families and possibly even a charity too.

Another way to become a millionaire is to inherit the money or assets from a friend or relative. THis doesn’t happen to many people, but it’s a blessing if it does.

The final way to become a millionaire is to work at it. Come up with a simple idea that no one else has thought of before. Look back to Facebook’s success or more recently the online take away food ordering service, which was thought up as part of an Open University model on entrepreneurship.  The simple ideas are always the best, easy to understand, execute and easy to manage with plenty of scope to progress them.

If however your not a millionaire today, you could dream about what you would do if you were…

There are lots of promotional stress balls in finance and money related designs that could help ease the stress of not being a millionaire today. Call us on 0845 731 0301 for information.


Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Tyres are now recycled into really useful promotional items!

We need not have mountains of used tyres anymore that take an age to biodegrade, we can recycle them into a host of useful items that can be branded too.

Mouse mat, coasters and pencil cases can actually all be made from recycled tyres! The old and worn-out tyre mountains are reducing! Imagine the amount of tyres discarded in the UK every day – now there is a great use for them; recycle them into useable, promotional gifts.

The mouse mat is functional, recycled, provides a great surface, is  good looking and could be made from the very tyre that caused you grief! They can be printed with your company, school, event or product logo and message to make them an environmentally responsible, giveaway. You can choose up to 4 colours, depending on your design to print, bright colours show up really well, against the black backgrounds.

 The recycled tyre products are available only in black, as obviously car tyres are black and to change the colour of the rubber, would involve processes that would not be environmentally friendly! The recycled tyre mats, coaster and pencil case, obviously have a super rubber finish that ensures extremely good grip, so they won’t slide around on your desk. The gorgeous pencil case comes with a range of colour coordinating zips to jazz them up, there is loads of room for all those stationary essentials.

Find out more about how you can promote your company using recycled products, by visiting


Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Novelty Flash drives – an eyecatching way to showcase your company!

Promotional flash drives, memory sticks and USB’s have proved really popular, almost everyone has one! What easier way to carry around your documents is there? The design of these flash drives is really important, there are many metal, wooden, plastic and recycled versions on the market. We think it is important to have fun with your marketing and there is a wide range of novelty flash drives too!
The mini can, bottle and christmas tree are great fun and don’t look like a flash drive from the outside! This means you can make your promotion seasonal, product specific or character specific as in the “hello kitty” drive below, ideal for retailers to buy and sell on.


Most schools, colleges and universities now require their students to have a memory stick, they could create their own novelty flash drive and sell them to the students to help boost the school fund! The possibilities are endless… A small, useful, portable storage devise that can be taken anywhere, used for homework, photos, presentation and work documents.

These drives can be made in virtually any shape you require that fits your campaign or you can choose from a large standard range of novelty drives. All of these drives can be personalised with your company name or logo, to create a long lasting useful item, that will showcase your company beautifully.

If you want to see more of this fun promotional range, please go to, there’s lots to choose from!


Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Promotional Drinks make great gifts.

The demand for branded drinks has grown hugely in the last two years. Initially the drink offering was confined to bottled water but companies have caught on to how effective these are as an awareness product and the range has grown!


Promotional drinks now come in a wide range, now including; water, energy drinks, isotonic drinks, iced coffee and even fruit smoothies! These branded drinks have a wide range of uses including; sporting events, restaurants, exhibitions, event sponsorship, marketing campaigns, hotels and bars…they can be used as a gift to market your company or event in almost any situation!

All of the drinks come with custom printed, bright, glossy labels. Iced coffee, energy and isotonic drinks come in a 250ml slimline can that fits neatly into your fridge. Bottled water comes in either 330ml or 500ml with a choice of screw or sports cap.

The energy drinks have a distinctive taste and have been compared to the world famous, “Red bull”. The isotonic drinks taste similar to other energy giving drinks such as Lucozade. The drinks don’t just look good, advertise your company and quench your thirst, they taste great too! Fruit smoothies are made from 100% natural ingredients, tasting even better, than they look! For help in choosing your ideal drinks, contact Mikkis.

Find out more about how you can promote your company by visiting



Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Recycled Stuff.

Most people know how important it is to recycle plastic and other items that would otherwise go into a landfill. The more we can all do to help the environment the better it will be.

But how can you turn recycled plastic into the ideal gift for the people who work for you – and perhaps for your clients as well?

The answer lies in USB flash drives. These small but invaluable items can easily be made from recycled plastic, and that should put them at the top of your list if you want to promote the use of recycled products. Recycled stuff of all kinds is being put to good use, and it’s good to know that memory sticks can also be made from recycled plastic or sustainable wood.

Since a memory stick is quite practical it is a good idea to have a good supply of them ready for your workforce and clients to use. But recycled drives aren’t just practical in this sense. They can also be used to help you promote your business on a daily basis.

The most effective branded item is one that is used constantly. Flash drives certainly fall into this category. In addition the fact they are made from recycled material makes them even more highly regarded. When given a choice, most people would rather use a flash drive made by a company which uses recycled plastic. It’s clearly better for the environment.

And every time someone uses one of your recycled flash drives, your business name will be emblazoned on the side of it. Imagine the impact that would have. It will put your name in front of your customers every single day. And since you provided them with a useful product presented in a recycled cardboard box, they’ll know you have their best interests in mind as well. Visit to see our great range.

About the author – Julie-Ann Amos is a professional writer who writes regularly on the subject of recycled promotional items.


Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Juggling balls – fun and educational!

Juggling balls have a huge range of uses. They can be used as giveaways at events, as prizes if you are a sponsor, to improve hand eye coordination, as a giveaway to your staff or customers or even to use in conjunction with staff training. For whatever use you have in mind the balls can be customised with your company logo, name and even a message!

Juggling balls generally come in 2 sizes, standard or giant and in a huge range of colours -something for everyone. These juggling balls are a great entry into the world of juggling, they are fun, easy to learn and can be used at any age!

Performance coaching is very high on the corporate agenda; it is a recognised way for team leaders, mentors and managers to improve sales and service key indicators. All of these performance coaches have to be taught how to coach in the first place. At some stage in the coaching training the trainee will come across juggling – what better way to reinforce your brand than with customised juggling balls? Each trainee can have their own set and with them they can learn how to coach and who knows they may even learn how to juggle!

These fun items have so many varied uses, for example; if you are a training supplier, these juggling balls are a long term way to remind your clients who delivered that life changing training. Juggling balls are often used as a promotional or corporate giveaway and have a much longer life span than lots of other items. If you think they are just the thing for your company, contact Mikkis on 01255 225301 or visit us at


Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Recycled Key Rings

Keyrings have been a popular gift for many years; does this mean they are old hat in the marketing world? No, it means they work and they are a branded product with legs and longevity!

There are a multitude of uses for these keyrings and it doesn’t stop at hanging your keys on there! Lots of hire companies use key rings to label their equipment with their company logo and details. Key rings can be used to highlight a reward if your keys are stolen on one side and a company logo or message on the other. A good key ring that is appealing to staff and customers will get your company name or service known everywhere! A great little promotional tool, especially if you choose one of the recycled keyring range.


At many events and product launches there are goodie bags containing branded gifts, these bags contain a variety of products and a keyring is often featured among them.

These key rings come in a wide range, from custom shaped aqua filled keyrings that can include glitter and insert shapes relevant to your product or company to a range of recycled keyrings in different styles that can even include a bottle opener!

Find out more about how you can promote your company by visiting


Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Increased rates of sick leave in the summer hit business hard.

The summer is a wonderful thing, we wait for it through the long winter months and it arrives, bringing colour, long nights, warmth and a general good feeling. However people want to be out in the sun and having fun while it lasts. This means that sickness rates rise in many business during the summer months, some staff take a day off “sick”, because its too nice a day and they want to do something other than work! This has a negative impact on production or service, sometimes mean a higher price for customers and adds extra cost and expense to the business too.

So business need to look at what they can do to attract their staff in during the summer and to help eliminate feigned sickness on a nice day. A summer themed competition or targets with prizes often works well because the office is buzzing, it’s fun and extra things can be won. Managers can use an extra half day holiday or a double lunch break as a bigger prize, making sure there are lots of smaller prizes as incentives to build up to these. Branded sweets, stress balls, mugs, pens, rulers, gift vouchers, swapping work with a manager for a day, are all good incentives to come to work and work hard while you  are there. There might even be a prize for 100%  attendance over the summer months.

If you like the idea of raising attendance and stamping out summer “sickies”, look at for inspiration.