Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Mouse mats just got shinier but not slippier!

Mouse mats have been a promotional item for around 20 years! An item with real staying power. This means though that manufacturers have to find new and exciting things to do with them?! What more could possibly be done? We have had mouse mats with windows to add your own photo or promotion, mouse mats with calenders printed on or even stuck underneath, mouse mats in custom shapes to represent whats being sold.¬† Mouse mats printed in different styles to allow for the best presentation of the image and now mouse mats with an ultra glossy surface to give a brighter image and really attract attention. If a mouse mat could ever be described as gorgeous, these ones can! Don’t worry though, they still give the same great mouse¬†performance as usual, the surface sure is glossy, but it isn’t slippery.

Great news though, coasters and some counter mats can also have the same, great new finish. Your company name and logo would look amazing under this glossy mouse mat surface and its not even any more money! Have a look at to see the whole mouse mat, counter mat and coaster range.

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