Recycled Pencils!

Recycled Promotional Pencils. 

Everyone has to write at some point during the day,  you might be at home, school, a club or at work. This ensures that a promotional pen or an Eco-friendly pencil are the perfect marketing gift, we all need to use one!  There aren’t many promotional items that are as essential or as cost effective.

We are regularly reminded of our duty to help protect the earth from global warming. As consumers we need to find  ways, however small, to reduce our negative impact on the planet and reduce our carbon footprint.

These recycled pencils are manufactured out of recycled plastic cups. Your office  water cooler uses these plastic cups, then throws them away. How neat, to get them back – as a branded pencil. The environmentally friendly pencils can be branded with your company name or logo. They can even be printed with a hot foil print in either silver or gold! They are like a wooden pencil and can be sharpened in the same way.

Globally there is a trend for purchasing  recycled products, it enhances the company profile amongst customers and potential clients.   Make sure you’re not seen to be missing out, take a small step towards a global greener future. If you decide recycled pencils are the right way to advertise your message or brand, contact Mikkis.

About Mikkis group of companies – Mikkis is an established promotional items company that’s been trading for 15 years. Mikkis started out selling Mouse mats and soon expanded to selling the whole range of promotional items including eco friendly promotional items, environmentally friendly USB and other recycled promotional items.  Find out more about how you can promote your company by visiting , , or