Thursday, March 19th, 2015

The Psychology Behind Promotional Gifts

Our faces seem to light up when we hear the words “promotion”, “sale” and “free”. We all love special treatment and the pleasant surprise of being offered something we never expected.


This is why we tend to respond so positively to promotional gifts, if not by purchasing an item from the company then by developing a sense of gratitude or admiration for the brand. Promotional gifts are one of the oldest yet most effective form of advertising.


promotional item



You know how fans paint their faces in support for a football team during an important match? It is a sincere form of loyalty and admiration. The same can happen with your clients. By rewarding them with a simple gift or keepsake you can help them feel not only appreciated, but also as though they are part of something bigger and important. In return you can count on their faithfulness.


There are many adverts that use lines like “we will always be there” or “we are closer than you think”. With a promotional item you not only send this same message, but send your clients with a tangible memento of your company. You can in fact always be there with them.


Give them something that can be used everywhere and is more interesting than a simple notepad. It will prove that you are a modern company that is not intimidated by innovative ideas.


Stress balls are just one good idea for a promotional gift. They are fun and send the right message in the marketing world. Your clients will be able to keep them in the office or even in their homes, allowing them to keep your company in mind should they ever need your services.

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