Monday, March 9th, 2015

Using Stress Balls in Event Planning

A staff member found a broken pipe in one of the venue’s bathrooms, the truck that was meant to deliver decorations is stuck in traffic and there is a short circuit in the lighting. If any of these situations sound familiar to you, you may be working as an Event Manager. This profession can be quite stressful, as the circumstances can change within nanoseconds.


Even if everything else is falling apart, you can take heart knowing you have a great way to promote the brand you are working with throughout the event. Plan to offer a personalised stress ball to every person who visits your stand, and they will take the company logo with them wherever they go!


It is important to look for bright ideas and focus on creating the “wow” factor during events, and stress balls can be just the ticket.


Events are a good opportunity for companies to give away promotional products, but it’s the fun and useful things that get the most attention. Stress balls have the potential to create the longest lasting memories of the business.


You can choose something that has to do with your client’s brand- a lorry for a delivery company, for example- or go for something entirely different.  The idea is to give something that won’t end up in the bin or lying around the office collecting dust. Some companies even opt for a stress ball keychain to make sure the ball can be easily carried from place to place.


Browse our site for a fun shape to personalise with your company logo. This is a great way to create a bond with potential and existing clients.

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