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Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

We Want to Hear your Rugby Stories

Rugby Stress Balls

It’s Friday night, you and the boys are jumping on the bus to the local stadium. You arrive with enough time to have a drink in a local pub, before braving the cold air and stepping out into the dark for tonight’s game.


You arrive at the stands, cold beer in one hand, a warm hot dog in the other. Trying to understand the commentators muffled voice through the lively crowd and the winter hat keeping your ears from frostbite. Your team are losing again, but every freezing second is worth the 90 minutes of pure British fun, too many beers and laughs with your fellow fans.


You shout at the ref, at the players too and scream about how your new born nephew could do a better job, but you will never stop supporting – the sign of a true British rugby fan.


At Mikki’s Promotional, we are huge rugby fans – following the season from beginning to end and braving all weathers to faithfully support our teams – come win or lose. We want to know who you are supporting, and why? As well as your favourite rugby match story – whether it be your first match, your most memorable win or simply the game with that created the most passion in the crowd.


Send us in your rugby stories, via email or social media, as we follow the season. Our favourite will be selected as the season draws to the end, and shared with our readers and social media fans to enjoy.


In the meantime, why not explore our collection of rugby themed stress balls – perfect for taking out your frustration, discretely, on the bus on the way home! – Or for throwing at the TV, without causing any damage when you watch at home!

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Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Relief, Relaxation and Your Brand

If you’re reading this article you may be looking for a way to relieve stress. But, what is stress? To put it simply, it’s that feeling of pressure and anxiety that we experience in the wake of situations we can’t really cope with at that particular moment.

The world of business (any business) is often full of stressful moments. Perhaps a client cannot pay their invoice on time and cash flow is tight, or a supplier is late with their delivery.

Your ability to react and adapt to these stressful situations can make or break a business; stress balls are great for providing a sense of relief when faced with stressful situations. Taking out frustration on a toy is of course much better than taking it out on the employees or on yourself.

If you think of this in terms of marketing and branding, if an object that has your brand on it is frequently associated with relief from daily business struggles, your clients may just equate your brand with stress relief.

You are essentially there for them during moments of frustration. If your logo and contact info are on that stress ball and you happen to offer a service they need, they may also contact you to begin a new business partnership.

As many can tell you, a second sale can be much easier than a first sale. In order to achieve that first sale your potential customers must be aware of your brand. This is why it is important to hand out promotional item and stress balls at events, and send your clients home with them after doing business.

It just makes sense – if someone gets a stress ball and then realises that the little robot stress ball he or she has been squeezing for the past couple of weeks also has information on a company that can help, the robot provides relief in more than one way.

Relief and relaxation are two great things to associate your brand with. They could help you attract new clients and encourage repeat business.

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