Monday, January 25th, 2016

Marketing Your Business with NFC Promotional Gifts

Sorry, QR codes, but you’ve officially been swiped. Near-field communication, which allows for communication between devices when they touch each other, is now very much on the scene and offers marketing a whole new angle. What has really changed the possibilities for this technology has been the release of NFC-enabled Android devices. You don’t need to have a code reader or to fiddle with a Bluetooth connection – just tap and your phone will take action. So how can marketers and brand managers use NFC to best advantage? The answer is limited only by your imagination but we have a few ideas.


Retail customers are ready and willing to engage with in-store mobile marketing efforts. An early 2015 study by Strategy Analytics found that consumers are particularly enticed by deals and promotional merchandise but also want information regarding inventory, mobile shopping carts, and multimedia content. What about linking shoppers to a video showing great uses for a mixer or blender in your housewares department? Put the finishing touch on the display with a tag that lets them tap to get 15% off that purchase.


Ease or improve a customer’s experience and you could have a fan for life. For instance, why do so many hotels make it hard to connect to the wifi? Outfitting rooms with branded NFC tags that automatically connect would make for many a happy traveller. They’d be even happier if the hotel bar had coasters they could tap to redeem a drink special.


If you’re looking to break through the noise in a busy place, such as a shopping centre or trade show exhibition hall, make sure that your website is mobile friendly and that it instantly provides an engaging, non-glitchy experience. You don’t want those visitors to bounce off to the next thing.


Strategy Analytics’ survey also revealed that consumers far prefer NFC over other types of mobile marketing technology, which is good because there is no shortage of ways to use NFC in your engagement strategies.

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