Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Promotional Gifts: Spending Time Pays Dividends


How many promotional products do people receive nowadays? And how often do they find any value in them? Too often, the items feel as though a company suddenly realised on 15th December that it should really send something to its clients but that there was no budget or time to order something nice. Don’t let that be the case with your business. A little divergent thinking here could help you stand out.


Quality counts. Take the time and allot the budget to select an item that will be useful to the client you’re sending it to. If your gift ends up in the recycling bin, it’ll take your name and logo with it. But with a little extra thought you can create a small, themed gift packet with a few good products to help keep you in mind for months to come.


Start a new tradition for Guy Fawkes Day? December is a busy month for many businesses, and with a lot of items being sent to thank customers at that time of year, some are bound to get lost. Look at the calendar and find a different angle, like branded barware to celebrate a launch date, or finance-themed stress balls if you have clients preparing quarterly earnings reports.


Show your customers you know them. Nothing raises your visibility more than demonstrating a willingness to understand your customers – the focus of their business, their values, their particular challenges. For example, the building trades rely on the weather, so something to help them celebrate the start of summer would be appropriate. Tap into what you know about each client and tailor your gifts accordingly.


You work hard to exceed expectations all year, so take the extra step to grow your brand with a gift that shows that you applied the same attention to it as you do to customer care.


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