Monday, February 1st, 2016

Promotional Products and the Small Business

Rare is the company that can effectively market its products or services without spending much. The debate between effective frequency and recency is alive and well, but for the small business it comes down to one thing – in traditional media, both will cost you. If you’re growing a business, however, you do need frequency. You also need to meet your potential customers where they are and squeeze the most out of that meeting.


Whether you’re planning sales calls, a street fair stand, or a high-end trade show booth, don’t neglect the touches that will help customers remember you after that first point of contact. Are you developing a craft beer and looking for distribution? Offer your samples with branded bar mats or coasters. Although coasters and other consumables get used and discarded, in sufficient numbers they’ll keep that impression frequency coming.


Trade shows are a significant investment for a small business, but they provide the obvious advantage of thousands of people in one place with a similar interest. They are often organized around a theme, which can give you further opportunities to customize a promotional item.


Keep your promotional items related to your business and relevant to your target market. Multiple surveys indicate that such products have staying power. People do actually love free stuff and they keep it around if it’s useful. But when you’re building brand awareness, you need to choose those products carefully. How many ballpoint pens have you seen with the name of a company or product and nothing else? Reserve pens and the like for customers who already know you. With prospective customers, you might not have a lot of time to make that first impression, so choose a marketing gift that calls to mind what your business does. Graphics, text, shape, and function can all be pressed into service for advertising your brand.

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