Monday, February 8th, 2016

Recycled Promotional Products Equal Sustainability for Your Brand

A common complaint about many workshops and conferences is that all those giveaway items seem wasteful. And yet, attendees do like receiving many of those items. A way to make sure that booth visitors leave feeling good is to offer useful products that are also made of recycled or sustainably sourced materials. Below we offer ideas on creating a set of eco-friendly promotional items that are perfect for attracting attention in the vendor hall at your next event.


USB drives have become a perennial favourite, and our recycled-paper memory sticks have a distinctive look. They are available in a range of storage capacities – more is always better, of course – and have a wide print area for your name and logo.


Create matching sets of pencils or pens and a case. For more of a sleek look, put our black pencils in a recycled-tyre case. Get a more rustic look with Sprout pencils in an organic cotton pouch; instead of an eraser, these pencils have a water-soluble cap filled with seeds – and to go with those pencils and cases, what more pleasing an accompaniment than a notebook?


Lastly, you’ll want a few light-hearted items in the bag. A yoyo made of sustainably harvested wood and a stress-relief ball made from recycled, biodegradable material would top it off nicely.


Try putting together products in an “organic” colour scheme in a branded kraft paper bag, for example. Let your logo provide the colour. If the event is small, you could spend a bit more and load the items into cotton or jute bags. For the biggest impact, avoid flat plastic bags, even recycled ones, or the items will look jumbled at the bottom, and in a crowded venue, attention to detail will help you get noticed.



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