Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Show Your Gratitude with Promotional Pens

A gift to loyal customers is always appreciated because it shows that you’ve remembered them outside of the usual order of business. Regular points of contact throughout the year, such as a pushed newsletter or blog, help keep your company top of mind, and the occasional real-world gift demonstrates just how much thought you give to maintaining your relationships. Promotional pens are a gift that will get a lot of use, keeping your brand front and centre.

Our selection of rollerball pens offers many elegant ways to set your logo on high-quality items. The Da Vinci model is black with chrome trim and can accommodate single-colour printing for a clean and classic look. The Modulus is a higher-end option made from carbon fibre; it’s a good choice if you have a large year-end budget for gifts or are sending to a smaller select group of clients. At a lower price point but equally striking is the slender, silver Europa, which would make a lovely addition to a client’s desk, especially if sent in a presentation case.

For an ecologically minded gift, consider pens from our line of recycled and responsibly produced materials. Our ballpoint push-pens made from wood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC is an international membership organisation that audits forests for sustainable management. Another interesting option in this product group is the Re-Pen, which is made from recycled Tetra-Pak containers. The clips on these come in a wide variety of colours to work with your logo.

Plan ahead to celebrate the start of spring with a gift to your customers and order your personalised pens soon. We can guide you in selecting a product that will maximise your visibility.


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