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Aqua Mini CD Pockets

Aqua Mini CD Pockets

The aqua mini CD pocket works on the same principal as our best selling aqua CD pocket. They hold one mini CD as standard and are not only visually stunning but also provide the practical benefit of protecting your CD whilst in transit. Simply slide your mini CD in the pocket and you have a stunning visual effect with the non mixing liquids that swirl around inside the covers!

These aqua mini CD pockets are available with a flap and strap which means that they can also be neatly closed providing even more protection to the CD.

We have a range of aqua filled CD cases available for single or multiple CDs, so please browse through our aqua promotions to view these products

For further information on our range of aqua products call us on 0207 096 3984.


Size: 89mm x 94mm

Shape: Square

Minimum Order: 100 Units

Lead time: 7 - 10 Days

Artwork: Download artwork guide here

Aqua Mini CD Pockets Mikkis is a leading supplier of promotional products including aqua mini cd pockets. Aqua Mini CD Pockets