Granity Rocks Glasses - C2164

Granity Rocks Glasses - C2164

Granity Rocks glasses have a wide base and fluted sides in a retro style. They are heat and shatterproof and if they do break, the pieces are blunt and safe. A nice thick glass that represents quality, representing your brand in a stylish way. There are 3 sizes:

C2164 270 ml with two 40mm square print areas

C2165 200 ml with two 35 mm square print areas and 

C2166 160 ml with two 30 x 15 mm print areas

Lead time is 3 weeks from order to artwork and the minimum order is 48 glasses. There is a 1 week express option at an additional charge; if your'e in a hurry, call 0207 096 3984 for details. 

Granity Rocks Glasses Classic rocks glasses in three sizes, what will you have over your ice? Granity Rocks Glasses