Princesa Margarita Glass - C2178

Princesa Margarita Glass  - C2178

Princesa Margarita Glass is shock-resistant and heat-resistant, featuring up to 5 times more resistance than untreated glass. It has been specially designed to break into blunt fragments if shattered, for greater safety. The tall stem adds elegance to the glass, but also adds to the ease of holding it. This glass boasts indisputable sophisticatin - perfect for bars, restaurants, events companies, and special occasions. Holding 270ml, it is made to a size of H160mm Diameter 108mm. There is a minimum order quantity of 48, and had a lead time of 3 weeks from receipt of artwork. There may be an opportunity for express delivery subject to an extra charge. Contact us on 0207 096 3984 for further information and prices.

Princesa Margarita Glass This personalised princesa margarita glass boasts an elegant design for a truly classic drink. Princesa Margarita Glass