Prysm Hi Ball Glass - C2142

Prysm Hi Ball Glass  - C2142

Prysm Hi Ball Glass is shock-resistant and heat-resistant. It boasts up to 5 times more resistance than untreated glass. The distinctive shape of this hiball glass is certain to draw attention to your brand. This 350ml glass is made to a size of H125mm Diameter 89mm, and features two 40mm diameter print areas. If shattered, the glass has been specially designed to break into blunt fragments for greater safety. There is a minimum order quantity of 48. From receipt of artwork there is a 3 week lead time, but express delivery may be available subject to an extra fee. Call 0207 096 3984 to find out more.

Prysm Hi Ball Glass This promotional prysm hi ball glass features a unique design, making your advertisement campaign stand out from the crowd. Prysm Hi Ball Glass