Rubber Mats - Gator Skin

Rubber Mats - Gator Skin

Gator skin rubber mats feature a different compound that can be easily wiped clean, which make this the perfect choice for those lighter coloured designs. The mats offer great advertising and brand recognition opportunities as well as a non slip backing, they are also recyclable and made in the UK. Delivered to you within three weeks of receipt of artwork and there is no minimum order. 

Sizes are: 

  • 400mm x 600mm Bordered / Unbordered
  • 500mm x 750mm Bordered / Unbordered
  • 600mm x 900mm Bordered / Unbordered
  • 550mm x 850mm Bordered / Unbordered
  • 850mm x 1200mm Bordered / Unbordered
  • 850mm x 1500mm Bordered / Unbordered

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Rubber Mats - Gator Skin This gator skin rubber mat uses a unique compound that is easy to clean, allowing your design to looks fresh all the time. Rubber Mats - Gator Skin