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Rubber Rail Mat

Rubber Rail Mat

The rail mats or bar runners are becoming very popular and are a constant and vivid reminder of your product to customers.

The bar runners and rail mats are an alternative to extremely popular bar runners or bar towels. These moulded Soft PVC rail mats offer you high brand awareness and look great sitting on any bar surface.

The bar runners are extremely easily washable making it a cleaner alternative to traditional bar runners. Fluorescent rail mats are also available!

Simply place the sleek rail mat on your countertop and any drink spillages will be kept away from your precious wooden bar top.

Along the length of the rails mats are deep rubber prongs allowing drink spillages to collect for easy cleaning.

For more information on our range of rail mats and rubber bar runners please call us on 0207 096 3984 to discuss your requirements.

Rail Mats - M260

Sizes: 600 x 90mm, 390 x 190mm, 580 x 80mm, 550 x 210mm, Other sizes are available.

Shape: Rectanglular

Material: Soft Moulded PVC

Thickness: 5 to 15mm

Minimum order: 1000 units

Delivery: Please allow 10 to 12 weeks for delivery

Artwork: Download artwork guide here

Rubber Rail Mat Rubber rail mats showcase your product, promotion or brand in glorious colour. Rubber Rail Mat