Stainless Steel Thermos Flask - C2443

Stainless Steel Thermos Flask - C2443

Stainless Steel Thermos Flask comes complete with cup. Thermos is known worldwide for over 100 years of expertise in food and drink insulation. Your drink will stay hot (or cold) for much longer due to the vacuum insulation technology - an airless vacuum space is made between the two steel walls to eradicate temperature change. Every Thermos product has undergone rigorous tests to make sure it surpasses material and performance needs.

Options available:

350ml - H215mm - 2 print areas of 40mm diameter, or wrap-around of size 210mm x 160mm

500ml - H255mm Diameter 70mm - 1 print area sized 30mm x 65mm

1 litre - H310mm Diameter 65mm - 2 print areas of 45mm diameter, or wrap-around of size 150mm x 100mm

A minimum of 24 must be ordered. There is a lead time of 3 weeks from receipt of artwork. For more information and prices, please call us on 0207 096 3984.

Stainless Steel Thermos Flask Advertising your brand on a world-renowned Thermos Flask is sure to add confidence to your campaign. Stainless Steel Thermos Flask