Viticole Stemmed Glasses - C2232

Viticole Stemmed Glasses - C2232

Viticole Stemmed Glasses are manufactured from professional quality glass. These glasses are perfect for serving sherry and wine because of its tall and wide bowl - which is great for swirling and freeing the aroma.


120ml - H131mm Diameter 53mm - two 30mm x 30mm print areas

215ml - H155mm Diameter 65mm - two 35mm x 40mm print areas

310ml - H175mm Diameter 70mm - two 35mm x 35mm print areas

A minimum of 48 must be ordered. There is a lead time of 3 weeks from receipt of artwork, but our express service may be available subject to an additional fee. To find out more, please contact us on 0207 096 3984.

Viticole Stemmed Glasses A wine glass perfect for wine tasting with its tall bowl, allowing plenty of room for swirling and aroma release. Viticole Stemmed Glasses