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Microfibre - M999M

Microfibre - M999M

This is an ultra soft microfiber cloth that is perfect for cleaning eye glasses, sunglasses, computer screens and mobile phones. Printed in full colour, it vividly displays your companies branding and messaging. It is a really attractive little promotional item that has great longevity. This item is washable and will last a long time. Ideal of course, for opticians and eyewear designers but also great for technology companies or even to create as a retail item to sell on. If you want to find out more about these microfiber cloths call one of our friendly teams on 0207 096 3984.


Material: Microfibre

Printing: Sublimation

Size: Approximately 15 x 18cm

Microfibre - M999M Microfibre cloths, ideal for cleaning glasses and screens, full colour printing is available. Microfibre - M999M