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Contour-i Pens

Contour-i Pens

Everyone loves the Contour-i pens. A gorgeous pen with a clever stylus that is compatible with both capacitive and resistive touch screen phones and tablets, including devices from Apple. The pens come in a range of attractive colours; they are very lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Add your company brand to this clever pen to create a long lasting, promotional gift of choice.

If you’ve been searching for promotional pens that people will love then this is for you. This pen is easily customisable and has a professional design that will work beautifully with your logo. Simply select your favourite colour and add your company branding.

The large print area is 45 x 7mm or 35mm x 10mm with an additional 23 x 3mm to the left,
(creating a cricket bat shape).

There are 2 types: Frost and Argent. The Frost family come with a black grip, and the Argent have coloured grips.  Please specify the family when requesting a quote or when ordering. Available colours are black, blue, green, red and purple.

Minimum Qty: 250

Call us on 0207 096 3984 to find out more about the Contour-i pen,
or any other promotional product.

Contour-i Pens Contour-i pens write beautifully, are lovely to hold and have a capacitative stylus for use on tables and touch technology. Contour-i Pens