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Aquamat Mouse Mats

Aquamat Mouse Mats

The aqua mouse mats are the ultimate accessory to anyone's desk. The non mixing liquid provides an everlasting, stress relieving display.

Aqua mat mouse mats are strongly welded to shape and containing non-mixing coloured liquids, which provides the perfect backdrop to your company name or message. Their high visual impact means they make a great eye catching promotional item.

The clear top surface is our special ultra-bright material, chosen for its performance and ability to provide strong, bright colours. Glitter can be added to the liquid filled mouse mats for a sparkling effect. Custom printed floating inserts can be added to move around in the mat.

The standard size for the aqua mouse mats is 200mm x 235mm but other sizes include:

  • Circle 200mm Diameter
  • Square 200mm x 200mm
  • Oval 200mm x 235mm
  • Large 200mm x 260mm

Colours can only be matched roughly and do vary from batch to batch. The strength of the colour at any point depends upon the thickness of the liquid. One colour can be affected by the colour of the other liquid. For example, a yellow liquid above a blue shows up as a green. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may affect liquid colours.

To minimise the risk of misunderstanding, customers are advised to have a proof made prior to production.

Special shapes can be made without difficulty, though sharp bends and points should be avoided. Welding tools are more expensive than the cutting tools used for other specially shaped mats.

For more information on our aqua mouse mat range please call 0207 096 3984.

Aquamat Mouse Mats Mikkis mouse mat range includes including liquid filled aqua mouse mats. Print your logo in colour too. Aquamat Mouse Mats