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Brite-Mat Lite

Brite-Mat Lite

Brite-Mat Lite is an innovative, super lightweight mouse mat. Stunning, bright, double-sided print in up to four colours, offers twice the branding opportunity. One of the lightest, thinnest mouse mats on the market, it doesn't compromise on quality. At only 16 grams and 350 micron thickness;  it is the ideal product for low cost mailing. The brite-Mat lite provides 100% perfect mouse control with either an optical or standard ball mice, thanks to its patented technology.

To find out more about our Brite-Mat Lite mouse mats, please ring one of our friendly team on 0207 096 3984.


Printing: Litho

Print area: Within dimensions.

Size: 240mm x 190mm

Minimum order qty: 500

Brite-Mat Lite Brite-Mat Lite is as good as two mats and showcases your brand, logo or promotion perfectly, to ring the changes just flip it over! Brite-Mat Lite