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CD Mouse Mats

CD Mouse Mats

The CD Mouse Mat has a specially designed see-through flap with a CD sized recess cut into the foam base underneath. The clear lift able flap is sealed along one edge, underneath which are two sheets of foam sandwiching a layer of PVC between them (this adds rigidity). The top layer of foam has a CD sized recess cut into it. Print is usually on the sealed, hinge area; although the recess can also be printed.

The CD mouse mats can be screen print or four colour process. The print is placed directly onto the under surface of the mark resist material. We do not use paper inserts, your design goes right to the edges of the mat, no nasty white borders.

The standard size is 200mm x 235mm mats with a standard CD recess is 120mm diameter x 1.5mm deep.

CD mouse mats are bulk packed into cartons with self seal bags supplied separately, or we can pack free issue CD into the mats and then pack the mats into the bags for a small extra charge.

For more information on our mouse mats please call 0207 096 3984.

CD Mouse Mats CD mouse mats are fully functioning, brandable mouse mats that have a space for a CD. CD Mouse Mats