Crystal Armadillo Mouse Mats

Crystal Armadillo Mouse Mats

The crystal armadillo mouse mat is our new translucent, flexible welded mouse mat. Make your mouse mats fit into your desktop style, by seeing the desktop through them.

The crystal armadillo mouse mats have a mark resist top surface which is high-frequency welded to a special clear grip base.

Screen printed or four colour process printed onto the under surface of the mark resist top. White ink can be added to selected areas or logos to boost the colours, whilst leaving the background clear. If a white is used, it cannot go through the welded edge.

The standard size for the Crystal armadillo mouse mats is 200mm x 235mm but other sizes possible include:

  • Circle 200mm Diameter
  • Square 200mm x 200mm
  • Large 200mm x 260mm
  • Mini 150mm x 200mm

Special shapes can be made without difficulty, though sharp bends and points should be avoided. Welding tools are more expensive than the cutting tools used for other specially shaped mats.

For more information on our crystal armadillo mouse mats please call 0207 096 3984.

Crystal Armadillo Mouse Mats Crystal armadillo mouse mats are flexible and translucent. Browse our customisable mouse mats online today! Crystal Armadillo Mouse Mats