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Hardtop Mouse Mats

Hardtop Mouse Mats

Hardtop mouse mats are the most popular promotional mouse mats in the UK. With an everlasting under surface print, the hardtop mats offer the possibility of stunning graphics. The top surface is a tough mark resistant PVC, chosen for its good mouse performance and ability to provide strong, bright colours. Bonded to a foam base and die-cut. Hardtop mouse mats are much more durable than those made by lamination of printed paper which are known as paper laminated mats.

The Hardtop mouse mat comes with a black 3mm EVA foam base as standard but we can offer alternative foam backings including our chunky 5mm foam.

Hardtop mouse mats can be screen print or four colour process. The print is placed directly onto the under surface of the mark resist material. We do not use paper inserts and ensure that your design goes right to the edges of the mat with no white borders.

Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, call us on 0207 096 3984 to find out more.

Hardtop Mouse Mats Mikkis is a leading supplier of promotional office supplies, our hardtop mouse mats are a top seller. Hardtop Mouse Mats