Metallic Lustre Mouse Mats

Metallic Lustre Mouse Mats

The metallic lustre mouse mat is very similar to our hardtop mouse mat except that it features an eye catching metallic sheen in either silver or gold. With an everlasting under surface print, metallic lustre mouse mats offer the possibility of stunning graphics in spot colour or four colour process.

Tough mark resistant surface chosen for its good mouse performance and ability to provide strong, bright colours. Bonded to a foam base and die-cut. These metallic lustre mouse mats are much more durable than those made by lamination of printed paper.

The metallic lustre mouse mats are printed four colour process with a silver or gold flood to create an attractive metallic sheen. The print is placed directly on to the under surface of the mark resist material.

The standard size is 200mm x 235mm but other sizes possible include:

  • Square 200mm x 200mm
  • Circle 200mm Diameter
  • Ellipse 200mm x 235mm
  • Large Rectangle 200mm x 260mm
  • Mini Mats 150mm x 200mm
  • A3 desk/counter mat 297mm x 420mm
  • A2 desk/counter mat 420mm x 595mm

If you’re looking for promotional mouse mats that are eye catching and stylish then the metallic lustre mouse mat may be just the product you’re looking for!

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Metallic Lustre Mouse Mats Metallic lustre mouse mats are fully customisable and have a beautiful metallic finish. Metallic Lustre Mouse Mats