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Mousecard Mouse Mats

Mousecard Mouse Mats

The mousecard mouse mats are a unique mouse mat and greeting card combination. The mousecard is ideal for invitations to events and product launches.

The front is a high quality Ultra thin mouse mat, which can be detached from the backing card.

The backing card is made of stiff card with a narrow flange attached to the mat by a peelable tape. The mousecard mouse mats can be made with a polypropylene top, making it fully recyclable.

The mousecard mouse mat is usually printed four colour process. The backing card can be printed in one or more colours or four colour process. The back of the card is usually printed with a simple diagram showing that the backing card is detachable. Both the mat and the card can be custom printed and individually personalised.

The standard size for the mousecard mouse mats is 200mm x 235mm. Special shapes and sizes can be made but please call to discuss your requirements.

The mousecard mouse mats are individually packed into a plain envelope.

For more information on our mouse mats please call 0207 096 3984.

Mousecard Mouse Mats Mousecard mouse mats are a great greetings card with a top layer that turns into a year round mouse mat. Mousecard Mouse Mats