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Photomat Photo Mouse Mat

Photomat Photo Mouse Mat

The Photomat Mouse Mats allow users to incorporate his or her own photographs in the mouse mat.

The clear top surface material is fixed to the foam base of the mouse mats and has a slot in the foam, which allows access so the user can insert their own photographs. The clear top material is printed with a window, through which the photograph can be seen.

The photo mouse mat can be screen print or four colour process. The print is placed directly onto the under surface of the mark resist material. We do not use paper inserts, your design goes right to the edges of the mat, no nasty white borders!

The standard size of the photo mouse mats is 200mm x 235mm and they have a standard pocket size which accommodates a 6" x 4" (153mm x 102mm) photograph. Other size windows and pockets can be made.

If you require any additional information on the photo mat mouse mats or any of the other promotional mouse mats that we offer, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff at Mikkis Mouse Mats on 0207 096 3984!

Photomat Photo Mouse Mat Our photo mat mouse mat has a printable border with a clear space in the centre for a personal photo or seasonal campaign. Photomat Photo Mouse Mat