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Softmat Mouse Mats

Softmat Mouse Mats

The soft mat mouse mat is a low-cost, high-performance mouse mat that has become a runaway success. This inexpensive product is first choice for many mouse users and with a new material they are now 100% optical mouse friendly.

The soft mats are ideal for companies who are working to a tight budget, the soft mats are our cheapest mouse mats and quantities start from as little as 250. Due to the material the soft mats can only be screen printed.

The specially formulated cling under surface gives these soft mats mouse mat a superb lay-flat, non-slip qualities. The heat bonded top surface provides trouble-free mousing. Approximately 2mm thick as standard.

The material is available in a selection of colours, please call to discuss the colour options available.

The standard size of the soft mat mouse mat is 200mm x 235mm, but other sizes include:

  • Square 200mm x 200mm
  • Circle 200mm Diameter
  • Ellipse 200mm x 235mm
  • Large Rectangle 200mm x 260mm
  • Mini Mats 150mm x 200mm
  • A3 desk/counter mat 297mm x 420mm
  • A2 desk/counter mat 420mm x 595mm

The soft mat mouse mats are packed with a protective release paper on the reverse.

For more information on our mouse mats please call 0207 096 3984.

Softmat Mouse Mats Softmat mouse mats are a high performance, low cost, customisable, mouse mat option. Softmat Mouse Mats