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Textile Mouse Mats

Textile Mouse Mats

The first mouse mats to be made were textile topped mouse mats or fabric mats as they are also known and this is the preferred surface for many mouse users. With a heavy duty natural rubber base these textile mouse mats have superb lay-flat and non-slip qualities.

The textile mouse mats are dye sublimation, in which the textile top is dyed with your design, have superb scuff resistance and durability. The mouse mat feels good to the hand and the print does not reduce mousing performance. The colours of dye sublimation mats are strong and bright though exact colour matching is not possible. Proof essential. This product is strongly recommended.

The standard size of our textile topped mouse mats is 197mm x 235mm.

The fabric mat comes as standard with a 1.6mm natural rubber base, although 3mm and 5mm natural rubber is also available for a small extra charge.

Other sizes and shapes are possible, but the cutting tool for fabric mats is usually more expensive than conventional mats and the lead time is normally slightly longer.

Textile Mouse Mats Ttextile mouse mats are lay flat and non-slip . Browse our range of promotional gifts online today! Textile Mouse Mats