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Ultrathin Mouse Mats

Ultrathin Mouse Mats

Our ultra thin mouse mats are the ideal product for cover mounts or posting due to its light weight!

With an everlasting under surface print these mouse mats offer the possibility of stunning graphics via screen print or four colour process. The very thin polypropylene base material is specially formulated for its non-slip qualities.

This product can be made with a polypropylene top, making it fully recyclable.

The standard size is 200mm x 235mm but other sizes possible include:

  • Square 200mm x 200mm
  • Circle 200mm Diameter
  • Ellipse 200mm x 235mm
  • Large Rectangle 200mm x 260mm
  • Mini Mats 150mm x 200mm
  • A3 desk/counter mat 297mm x 420mm

Special shapes can be made without difficulty.

This construction of the ultrathin mouse mat is much more durable than printed paper lamination. The polypropylene base, as opposed to cheaper adhesive based mats, means that the mat can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and loses none of its grip.

For more information on our range of mouse mats including the ultra thin mouse mats please call us on 0207 096 3984 to discuss.

Ultrathin Mouse Mats Ultrathin mouse mats are slimline but the same great performance and branding space! Ultrathin Mouse Mats