NFC Counter mats, Mouse mats and Coasters

NFC Counter mats, Mouse mats and Coasters

NFC Counter mats, Mouse mats and Coasters combine the visual impact of a traditional mouse mat/coaster with the heightened interactivity of NFC (Near Field Communication). Customers with an NFC-enabled phone can simply tap to receive interactive content, download vouchers or engage via social media. At the heart of each mouse mat/coaster is an NFC tag, a small unpowered electronic device that holds a small amount of data such a web link, text or command. When an NFC-enabled phone is placed in close proximity, typically a few centimetres, it powers the NFC tag and reads the information stored on it.

Hardtop Counter mats

Dimensions: A2, A3

Hardtop Mouse mats

Dimensions: 200 x 200mm, 200 x 240mm, 200mm Dia

Hardtop Coasters

Dimensions: 98 x 98mm, 98mm Dia

Armadillo Counter mats

Dimensions: A2, A3


Type: NTAG203

Dimensions: 29mm Dia, 19µm thick

Hardtop products have a 400µm scratch-resist PVC top with a 3mm EVA foam base.

5 Great Ways to Use an NFC-Enabled Mat/Coaster

  1. Vouchers. Mobile vouchers offer a quick and convenient way to incentivise a trial of your product or services. Consumer research identifies vouchers and promotions as the primary reason for interacting with NFC-enabled marketing.
  2. Dynamic Promotions. The website link encoded to your NFC promotional products will stay the same but it doesn’t mean the content has to! Keep your marketing link up-to-date with the latest promotions.
  3. Link to Online Media. Static 2D advertisements are a thing of the past. Better engage your audience by linking to online video and interactive content.
  4. Make a Purchase. Consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones to purchase online. Offer the option to 'buy now' or link to further product information.
  5. Social Media. Allow customers to instantly 'like' or 'follow' your brand with a simply tap of their phone. If you have something great to offer make it easy for customers to share it online.

NFC Promotional Products Best Practices

  1. Include an NFC logo or call to action within your design.
  2. Provide a clear reward for each interaction. The reward could be functional such a promotion or a voucher or could be entertainment via an app, online video or interactive content.
  3. NFC is primarily a mobile technology so provide mobile optimised content.
  4. Update your marketing link with new information or promotions to encourage repeat engagement with your brand.

Programming NFC Tags

The best programming apps are NXP TagWriter for Android, NFC Interactor for Windows Phone 8, and Smart Tags for Blackberry.

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